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    Hamline Votes

    Hamline has historically had great success motivating students to vote. In the past this
    engagement was on campus and in person. In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, Hamline Votes will
    be focusing our efforts online, while remaining nimble and open to opportunities that allow for
    engagement in person. The primary in person opportunities that we foresee will involve
    orientation of new students. At Hamline, our leadership, including the university president,
    participate in orientation activities, and in doing so will stress the Hamline value of civic
    engagement. Simultaneously, our online efforts will be directed toward collaborating with
    student organizations to leverage their social media accounts in ways that engage and activate
    students to vote. In addition, we will shift our “call to action” to include absentee or mail-in
    ballots for all students, even those who plan to vote in the state of Minnesota.


    ELECTION DAY: Hamline Votes secures a bus to transport students to the Hamline Hi-rise polling place. Catch the bus by Public Safety on Englewood! Visit the table in Anderson Center for snacks. 

    Voting Resources: