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    Love Boldly Mission Statement

    Love Boldly is a campaign for LGBTQ+ inclusivity hosted by the Wesley Center in response to the decisions made by the global United Methodist Church. In February 2019, the church reaffirmed their stance that “homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teachings." Furthermore, the church voted against LGBTQ+ individuals becoming clergy and getting married within the church. As a Methodist affiliated institution that firmly believes in the “do no harm” legacy championed by John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, Love Boldly seeks to demonstrate to the wider body of the UMC that we will not be complacent with these policies. We invite you to show your support for the inclusivity movement by grabbing a Love Boldly pin and attending Love Boldly events.

    Love Boldly Rainbow

    Core Initiatives

    Microgrant campaign & Graphics

    In March 2019, the Wesley Center was awarded a micro grant by the Minnesota UMC to create a campaign to raise awareness of the Love Boldly initiative. With this direction, our office's Communications Assistant created a graphic of the words "Love Boldly" in rainbow colors. This graphic was placed as an add in the Oracle, on pins, on our Facebook page, and on a large banner that sits outside of the Wesley Center office.

    Student-led campaign

    The following school year after the creation of HU Love Boldly branding, the Wesley Center hired a Love Boldly Student Coordinator, first-year Emily Hilderbrand, who brings with them prior involvement in the Methodist Church. Emily launched a student-led campaign iteration of Love Boldly on campus. The group holds monthly meetings on varying topics, such as crafting a Welcoming Statement, planning for the General Conference, discussing religiously-based homophobia & transphobia, and queer readings of the Christmas story. Meetings are open to students as well as interested faculty and staff. Meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of the month, and will be moved to Sorin Gathering Place beginning in February 2020, with current dates planned for February 12, March 4, and April 1 2020 from 4–5PM.

    Events & partnerships

    In addition to their monthly meetings, Love Boldly has and will continue to host and co-host events on  campus. They hope to be involved in the planning and programming of large-scale community events such as the 2020 UMC General Conference in Minneapolis and the 2020 Mahle Lecture in Progressive Christian Thought, keynote lecture given by Bishop Karen P. Oliveto, the first openly LGBTQ+ Bishop in the UMC. As they move forward in their programming, the group hopes to partner with other Wesley initiatives to further explore the intersection of LGBTQ+ identity and religion/spirituality.

    Becoming a reconciling university

    The Love Boldly Welcoming Statement was crafted by Emily and other participants of the first Love Boldly meeting. The goal is for Hamline University to become a UMC Reconciling University which, if completed, would make Hamline the second in the nation to do so behind Union College in Kentucky. The process of becoming a Reconciling University is involved, but HU Love Boldly has made significant progress already.

    Process of application:

    • Craft a welcoming statement
    • Hold votes on Welcoming Statement by University bodies 
      • At Hamline, this will include HUSC, Faculty Council, HUSA, President's Staff, Student and Academic Affairs, and the Board of Trustees
      • Vote must meet 75% or more affirmative votes 
    • Submit application to the Reconciling Ministries Network 
      • Three (3) reconciling individuals sign off on application 
    • If accepted, school will be added to the list of reconciling universities  

    Currently, the Welcoming Statement has successfully passed HUSC, the Faculty Council, and HUSA. If passed successfully by all other bodies, it is likely Hamline will become a Reconciling University, upon which there will be a "signing party" to be announced.


    Contact Information

    For more information about or questions on Love Boldly at Hamline, please contact Love Boldly Student Coordinator Emily Hilderbrand (she/her/hers) (they/them/theirs) | loveboldly@hamline.edu

    Staff supervisor for Love Boldly is Chaplain Kelly Figueroa-Ray (she/her/hers) | kfigueroaray01@hamline.edu

    For updates on Love Boldly progress and events, you can follow the Wesley Center Facebook page and the HU Love Boldly Facebook page.