• McVay Interns and Associate: 2017-2018

    Sherina Dyrma     

    Hello! My name is Sherina Dyrma and this is my first year being an Intern at McVay. I am an international student from Albania and currently I am a sophomore working towards a double major in Biochemistry and Physics. I spend my free time painting, reading and watching movies. I am excited to work at McVay and build a connection with the students and the staff!

    Indie picture

    Indie Falana

    Hello! My name is Indie Falana, and I'm an associate this year at McVay. I'm studying Public Health, Biology, Political Science, and Philosophy. I am a junior in my third year here at Hamline. I've been with McVay for two years now, and I'm super excited and grateful to be working with such amazing kids and staff members. In such a short amount of time, I have made meaningful connections with the kids, and watching them learn and grow is the biggest reward. In my free time, I like to read, laugh with friends, learn anything and everything about Biology, and spend quality time with family.

    Raie Gessesse pictureRaie Gessesse

    Hello! My name is Raie Gessesse and I am a second year intern with McVay this fall. I'm a sophomore majoring in Public Health and minoring in Political Science, Social Justice, and Women's Studies. Being with McVay for just a year has been an amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to build even more connections with both the students and the fabulous staff I get to work with!

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    Hafsa Hassan

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     James Koch 
    James Koch

    My name is James Koch, I am a junior majoring in sociology and public health. I enjoy music and sports. Also, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am very excited for my first year at McVay and to be a positive role model.

    Marissa Major pictureMarissa Major

    Hi, I'm Marissa Major. I am a senior at Hamline majoring in Global Studies with minors in Sociology and History and am a Head Delegate for Hamline Model United Nations. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In my free time I like to swim, water color paint, and do other art projects. This is my third year working with McVay and I am looking forward to helping McVay youth do new activities this year.

    Amber Alme pictureAmber Alme  

    Hello McVay! I am a junior this year at Hamline, double majoring in psychology and criminal justice with a minor in sociology. I plan on continuing my education after Hamline, and eventually earn a career in adolescent forensic psychology. In addition to working at McVay, I am an employee at the Hamline University Theatre Box Office. I am also the current president of Students Preventing Sexual Violence, and a site leader for a new catalyst trip centered on youth intervention. I started working at McVay last spring and I'm super excited to continue working here again, this year as a martial arts associate! I love working with the kids, and watching how they grow and change as individuals.

    Mrtha patron diaz picMartha Patron Diaz 

    Hello! My name is Martha Patron Diaz and I am currently a Sophomore at Hamline University majoring in Legal Studies with a possible minor in Political Science and a Spanish certificate. I am very family oriented and because of that I love to spend time with my family and support them in any way possible. My main goal in life is to make my parents proud with everything I do and be able to provide them with an enjoyable life when I get older. I really enjoy helping others and being that bridge to them to success.

    Bashir ImadyBashir Imady 

    Well hello there, my name is Muhammad Bashir Imady and I am currently a junior at Hamline University. I normally go by Bashir. I am currently double majoring in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies while minoring in both Philosophy and Religion. I am the head of two orgs on campus, the Muslim Student Association and the Marketplace of Ideas (or just the "marketplace" for short), and I am also a resident assistant for the main hallway on the 3rd floor of Drew. I enjoy political discussions and watching movies and hope to one day return to my home in Damascus, Syria, to help with the democratic process. I am very excited to start my first year at McVay and begin an important educational journey.

    Rico Hung 

    My name is Rico from Hong Kong. I am currently a senior at Hamline majoring in psychology. I enjoy talking to different people. Really looking forward to my final year at McVay!

    Farhiya AliFarhiya Ali 

    I'm Farhiya Ali! This is my 3rd year at Hamline University studying Political science and Legal Studies. I'm involved with Hedgeman Center as the Multicultural chair and a McVay Intern. Outside of school I am an elected official for the Somali DFL Chair. During my free time I enjoy spending time with time family and friends I also enjoy seeing museums and parks around the twin cities.

    Amina dedefo pictureAmina Dedefo 

    Hi, my name is Amina Dedefo, I’m a sophomore at Hamline University, majoring in International Business Management. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports, traveling, and spending time with my loved ones. I am beyond excited for the opportunity to work with the amazing staff and kids at McVay.

    Brad Babin pictureBrad Babin

    My name is Brad Babin I am a sophomore majoring in business with a minor in criminal justice. I'm from N. St. Paul graduating from North High. I enjoy playing sports in my spare time including basketball and baseball. I also enjoy fishing and kayaking. I'm very excited for the upcoming year at McVay and always enjoy spending time with the kids.

    Eric Lyons pictureEric Lyons

    Loves Mcvay and everyone that is a part of it. In my free time I like to hang with friends and play football. I am aspiring to become a clinical psychologist after graduating college.

    Gadise Mulat pictureGadise Mulat

    My name is Gadise Mulat, I’m currently studying Marketing as well as Non-profit Management. I enjoy singing, visiting any thrift store, as well as walks in the park. I’m very excited to be working with McVay and the students involved.

    Daniel Smith picDaniel Smith

    I'm a psychology major in my fourth year at Hamline, I graduate with my undergraduate in the spring of 2018.

    Sadie May Wasberg picSadie May Wasberg

    Hi, I'm Sadie May Wasberg! I am a sophomore at Hamline University. I am majoring in psychology. I love to do crafty things like sewing and drawing as well as spending time with my kitty named Odin!

    Jaimen Hampton picJaimen Hampton

    My name is Jaimen Hampton and this will be my second year with McVay. Academically, I will be a junior working towards my major in biology. Other than my science related interests, I'm a part of the football team here on campus. In my spare time I enjoy listening/creating music, playing video games, and staying active in my spare time. What I'm looking forward to most this year is to deeply engage with the program and hopefully leave a positive impact on them.

    Hunter Mickelson picHunter Mickelson

    Hunter Mickelson is a fourth year student athlete at Hamline University, majoring in sociology and criminal justice. Hunter grew up in Madison, WI where he played football, basketball and rugby throughout high school. However now he is part of Hamline’s Track & Field team. Hunter takes pride in sports as well as academics, where he has made the Dean’s list at Hamline multiple times. Outside of school work and track, Hunter enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball, hiking, and cooking.

    Zaw Myo picZaw Myo

    Hi, my name is Zaw Myo and I am a sophomore attending Hamline University. I am planning to major in Business management. I have started working at McVay because I went to it during my middle school and some of my high school years. I enjoy art, biking, music and talking about technology.

    Shannon OwensShannon Owens

    Hi! I'm Shannon Owens, I'm a sophomore at Hamline and going into my second year working with McVay. I'm planning on being a double major in Elementary Education and Public Health. In my free time I like to do crafts, read, and explore the cities! My favorite thing about McVay is the connections I've made with the students. I'm excited to have another great year at McVay!

    Padee Vue picPadee Vue

    Nyob zoo! Hello! I am Padee Vue and I am a second year hoping to double major in public health sciences and social justice. This year I am the vice president for Asian Pacific American Coalition and beyond ecstatic to begin planning for future events. Along with Mcvay I also work at the elementary school across from Hamline University with elementary and middle school students. I love working with students because I am not just giving to them but receiving from them as well. I am always learning from the students I work with so it’s always a joy working with them. In my free time I enjoy singing and playing my guitar. I also love hanging out with my friends on campus as well and exploring the Twin cities. My favorite restaurant nearby Hamline is Mirror of Korea, just across from Hamline and my favorite dish my the place is Bibimbap which is a bowl of mixed rice with vegetables and beef. I look forward to working at McVay this year!

    Drake Singleton picDrake Singleton

    Loves sports and music as well as enjoys helping others out. Makes music as well enjoys poetry and enjoys all kinds of forms of art as well. Also likes to play videos games or chill in his free time when he’s not working on homework or music.

    Max Smidt picMax Smidt

    I am a junior at Hamline University who is studying elementary education and psychology, with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. In my free time I love working in Hamline's theatre constructing sets, reading, carpentry and spending time with my friends.  Fall of 2017 will be my first full semester working with McVay and I'm looking forward to the many experiences to come

    Cristina CuevasCristina Cuevas

    My name is Cristina Cuevas. I am currently a sophomore at Hamline. I’m majoring in sociocultural anthropology. I was born in East Los Angeles and moved to Minnesota, MN. I love traveling and hope that I can travel the world someday. This will be my first year at McVay as an intern, I am so excited to start an amazing opportunity with amazing people.

     tasha semanko Tasha Semanko  

    Hi y'all! My name is Tasha Semanko. I am a junior/senior majoring in Elementary Education and Communications Studies. In my free time, I love to read and spend time with my friends. I love spending time with youth, and working at McVay has brought so much joy to my life!

     thomas thao 
    Thomas Thao
     Hello! I'm happy to be apart of this program. A little about myself is that I love to be active. I enjoy the outdoors because it's always an adventure. Some things I do is rollerblade, longboard, and hunt/fish. My favorite kind of food are noodles. I'm a friendly person so lets get to know each other! 
     pj thao PJ Thao  Hello! My name is Pa Jai Thao (PJ). I am currently a first year at Hamline and an intern for McVay. I will be double majoring in Chemistry and Public Health. I love being active especially being outdoor and playing sports. I do enjoy my quiet time just reading a fantasy novel or watching TV shows. I also have a lot of niece and nephews and enjoy spending my weekends babysitting them. I am super excited for this opportunity to work for McVay!

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    Julia Nentwig

    Hello! My name is Julia Nentwig and I'm currently a sophomore at Hamline University. This will be my first year working for Mcvay, which I'm very excited about. I'm very grateful to be working for such an amazing program.