• McVay Associates and Fellows 2020/2021


    Khalif Ahmed Khalif_thumb

    My name is Khalif. I am a second-year at Hamline and a fellow at Mcvay. Majoring in public health. In my free time, I love hanging out on the lake and playing basketball. I look forward to building positive relationships with the youth and being a good role model for the youth I work with.

    Maggie Bruns maggie_thumb

    Hi I am Maggie! I am a senior studying Sociology and Criminal Justice. In my free time, I love to spend time outside, skiing, running and biking! One of the things I love about McVay is building relationships with youth and getting to know what makes you you!

    Josiah Callahan Josiah_thumb

    I am a second year student at Hamline University. I am studying English. I love music, movies, singing, and drawing. I love McVay because it is a great opportunity to connect with the future generations, and to guide them to greatness!

    Alexis GriffinAlexis_thumb

    I am a Junior at Hamline, majoring in legal studies with a minor in political science and a fellow at Liberty.

    Christina KrayeeChristina

    Hello! My name is Christina Krayee (she/her/hers) and I am a sophomore this year at Hamline. I'm double majoring in Social Justice and English. I really enjoyed my time last year with McVay and I am excited to continue with the youth this year as well.

    Julia Nentwigjulia-mcvay

    Hello! My name is Julia and I'm currently a senior at Hamline. I have been a part of the McVay family for 3 years now and I'm sad to be leaving it.

    Victoria OsanyintolaThumb_victoria

    Hi everyone my name is Victoria Osanyintola. I am a junior at Hamline university. I am majoring in legal studies and a minor in social justice with a Paralegal certificate. I enjoy being around kids and I hope I can spread some joy and love to the Mcvay family.

    Reen Reinhardt 

    I am a McVay Art Associate in my last year at Hamline, finishing up a Legal Studies major and Philosophy minor. Before the pandemic, I spent time at the Grace, Mounds, and Washington sites. I enjoy music and play several instruments and have co-captained Hamline’s dance team, HU Prime, since my freshman year. I’ve enjoyed my time on the McVay team so far and look forward to my last few months with them and our youth.

    Daejah VongphachanhThumb_daejah

    Hi! My name is Daejah Vongphachanh and I am a sophomore at Hamline University. I am majoring in Elementary Education and Mathematics. Some of my hobbies are playing guitar, singing and watching Netflix. I love going on adventures or exploring and hanging out with my friends. I am on the exec board for APAC here at Hamline. I am super excited to work with the McVay students again and to be able to see them in-person soon!

    Noah VueNoah

    Hi everyone! My name is Noah Vue, I am a junior majoring in Social Justice with a concentration in communications studies and a minor in Philosophy. A few fun facts about me are I love writing poetry, playing sports, cooking, meditation, and practicing martial arts.

    Toumeng Yangyang

    Hello! My name is Toumeng Yang and I am a senior majoring in marketing. I have been with McVay since my sophomore year and I enjoy working with the students at McVay who I have learned a lot from. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, biking, watching anime, volleyball, badminton, and hanging out with my friends on campus. My favorite food is sushi and I like to cook my noodles with beef and pork.


    Abdi BadriAbdi Badri

    My name is Abdi Badri, and I'm an Fellow at Liberty. I'm a fourth-year studying political science. I hope to eventually go to law school and become a human rights lawyer. I'm excited to be back in McVay and to see how much the youth develop and grow within the program.

    Andrew Carmen 

    My name is Andrew, in currently a junior at Hamline studying Sociology and Communications and I enjoy being outside skateboarding or hanging with friends in my free time. I’ve been a part of McVay since my freshman year and it’s always been an amazing experience!

    Erin ConnellyErin

    Hi! My name is Erin Connelly & I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am a sophomore at Hamline University and plan on majoring in communication studies with a double major or minor in sociology. I love music, sunshine, butterflies, and my dog! In my freetime you can find me playing with my dog, listening to music on vinyl, hanging out with friends, and facetiming my family. I am a fellow at McVay this year and I am so excited to become even more involved with this program.

    Lue Herlue

    Hello! I'm a junior at Hamline studying chemistry and forensic science. In my free time, I like to play sports, bake, hangout with friends, and play the piano. This is my second year with McVay and I have learned so much already. I hope to continue growing and learning alongside our students.

    Nou Lornuolor

    Hello! I am Nou Lor and I’m a fellow at Mound Park. I am currently a senior majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology. I’m so excited to graduate this coming spring. During my free-time, I like to sing, play guitar, and listen to music and to Hmong folktale and stories. 2020 has been a hard year for McVay and I miss seeing all the youth and staff. I am looking forward to 2021 and I hope we can see each other again in person doing activities and playing games together.

    Emily Lyfoungemily

    I am a senior majoring in Political Change & Advocacy and double minoring in Education and Non-Profit Management. I am passionate about the reformation of public schools and education policies. I hope to dedicate my efforts towards advocating for and improving the lives and education opportunities of underserved youth and their communities.

    Kate MalanaphyKate

    Kate is a Hamline Senior and a Fellow at Grace, double majoring in Music and Philosophy. Without programming this year, which Kate really misses, she spends her time working at the Hamline Central Service Desk, cooking with her roommates, and playing and writing lots of music.

    Fatuma MohamedFatuma

    Hello! I am Senior Fellow for Liberty at McVay I am a third-year at Hamline University. I am a Religion major with a minor in Business Analytics. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. We normally watch a movie, visit Gold Medal Park, or eat out together. I feel like we have a great group of student mentors this year and can't wait to build connections with the students!

    Andrew NonesAndrew Nones

    I am a second year at Hamline studying business and economics. I like to read about history, culture, geography, and current events on international scales. In my free time, I enjoy taking walks with my friends, keeping in touch with my family back in Thailand, and cooking. I am currently a Fellow at the Mounds site and I am excited to work with staff and students from a diverse background. I look forward to being an active and positive member of this amazing organization, and a good role model for the students I encounter.

    Pa Jai Thaopajai

    I am a senior at Hamline University majoring in Psychology. Some of my hobbies include hiking in the summer, exercising, reading, and, most recently, I have found joy in cooking. I also love traveling and exploring new places when I get the chance. I have been with McVay for three and a half years now and although times are different currently, I look forward to my last semester with McVay.

    Thomas ThaoThomas Thao Hamline

    This is my fourth year at Hamline and working with McVay. In my free time I enjoy fishing and hunting as well as raising pigeons and fish. I love the outdoors so much that I am majoring in Environmental Studies. The site I am committed to is Mounds Park, and I love the energy there. A random fact about me is that I like playing PUBG which is a mobile gaming app.

    Jordan TothJordan T

    I’m a senior this year majoring in psychology with minors in biology and religion. Aside from my studies, I love to spend time with my two dogs, read, play basketball, exercise, and spend quality time with family and friends. McVay has been the best opportunity that I’ve had at Hamline, and I’m very grateful to be a part of this partnership.

    Gashia VueGashia

    Hello! My name is Gashia Vue. I am a fourth year at Hamline majoring in Psychology with a minor in Public Health. I've been working with McVay for 3 years now and currently a senior fellow at the Mounds site. Ever since quarantine I have picked up the hobby of Hmong cross stitching called paj ntaub. Super excited to see if I can make an outfit out of it!

    Bae WaBae Wa

    I’m a senior majoring in History with a minor in Education. Some facts about me: I’ve been in McVay for 2 years, I play on the university’s tennis team, and I am Karen (kuh-ren).

    Lay Wahlaywah

    Hello, my name is Lay Wah. I am currently a junior and planning to major in Finance and Marketing. As of now, I am currently a member of the Hamline Men's Soccer team. To me, it is very important to be a part of McVay community because my favorite part as a staff member is to be a role model for the youth and to make sure that they find joy within this program!

    Alex YangAlex yang

    Hello! My name is Alex Yang (he/him/his) and I am a second-year undergraduate student at Hamline University. I am majoring in Digital Media Arts and plan to use my major to advocate for marginalized communities. In fall of 2020 I was the Social Media Associate responsible for running McVay's official Instagram account and am now the Communications Fellow. My goal for McVay is that we stay virtually connected as a community despite all the hardship right now.
    A fun fact about me is that in my free-time, I create visual art as a form of cultural storytelling.

    Rupa Adhikari