• McVay Fellows: 2014-2015

    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church

    Kevin Xiao


    My name is Kevin Xiao and I’m a senior at Hamline who will be majoring in Criminal Justice. I enjoy playing basketball and tennis when I go out and when I’m inside I enjoy playing video games. I’ve been in McVay for a year and a half now and it has been a wonderful experience going around the sites hanging out with the students. It makes me happy knowing that I can be a resource to these students. I’m super stoked for this year and ready to be engaged.

    Rachel Nelson

    Rachel New

    Hi! My name is Rachel Nelson. This will be my second year working with the McVay Program. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Religion. I aspire to, one day, attend medical school and make a career out of helping others. On campus, I am a Resident Assistant and work with Campus Recreation. When I manage to find some free time between class and work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends (I’m pictured with my little cousin), watching baseball while eating a slice of apple pie, and exploring what the area has to offer. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with the youth again. They have truly become my younger brothers and sisters. I’m looking forward to another great year!

     Nick Stevenson


    Jake Blanchette


    Senior Fellow


    I am thrilled to be spending another year at McVay. I am an English major with a Communications minor in my junior year. In my free time I love to watch movies, get on my bike, and eat donuts. My favorite part of working at McVay is knowing every day will be different and exciting.


    Wheelock United Methodist Church

    Kaitlyn Anderson


    Hey, my name is Kaitlyn Anderson. I am a fellow at Wheelock and a junior at Hamline. I'm majoring in Business Analytics and minoring in Sociology. I love listening to music, singing, and playing piano, guitar, and hand bells. I've been so excited and blessed to be a part of this program. I first started working with youth on mission trips, and when I heard about what McVay does, I had to be a part of it. Its visibly apparent that the program makes a difference in these kids' lives, whether that be through mentoring, providing a safe space, helping with homework, or providing them with new and exciting things to learn.


    Colin Owens


    Senior Fellow


    I'm a Junior at Hamline where I am a  Senior Fellow for the Wheelock Site, and participate in various other extracurricular groups and organizations on campus. Some of these groups include the S.E.E.Ds (Students Educating and Empowering Diversity) initiative and the Transfer New Student Mentorship Program. In my spare time, I really enjoy my job as a Wedding DJ on the weekends and I always enjoy traveling on the open road to a new place I've never been. I am also pursuing a degree in political science. 

    Charlie Shafer 


    I'm a junior. I'm 21 years old. I'm from Prescott, Wisconsin. I have two sisters. One is a freshman at Hamline and my other sister is my twin; she was born two minutes before me.  I am studying English and professional writing. I am an intern on the Cities 97 Morning Show. I'm the station manager for HU Radio. I like to longboard, listen to music, exercise, and read. My future plans are to either go to graduate school and eventually acquire a PHD in English or go to law school to become a lawyer. 

     Jessa Williams 



    Hi, my name is Jessa. I was born and raised in St. Paul. I am a senior majoring in East Asian Studies. This is my 3rd year with McVay. I really enjoy McVay because I like working with students in different communities all over St. Paul. I believe mentors and students have talents and that we can learn from each other. In my free time I like to listen to music, ride my bike and bake. I also like to travel.

    Liberty Plaza

    Huda Badri

    Huda Badri  

    Hey Everyone! I am Huda Badri and I'm currently in my senior year at Hamline. I'm majoring in Biology and Health Sciences as well as some minors I’m still deciding on.  I am happy to serve as a fellow. I was born and raised in Kenya. I arrived in the U.S at age fourteen and I speak English and Somali. I’m amazed at how my folks are able to retain seven languages since I forgot Kiswahili and Amharic. Those two languages were what I grew up with. I am the oldest of nine kids and I have the responsibility of leading the rest. I have always been involved in programs where youth were the focal point and I am hoping my career has the same in store for me. I am happy that I get to work with amazing kids that I learn from as much as they learn from me. I also enjoy the great people I serve alongside with.

    Sammie Gebremichael

      Sammie Gebremichael Senior Fellow 

    My name is Samrawit but most people call me Sammie. I was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to the U.S with my family when I was four years old. I transferred from SPC to Hamline in the fall of 2013. I'm a Criminology and Criminal Justice Major with a Minor in Sociology. I've worked with youth for years but what makes Youth Voice different for me is the fact that I was once a student in the program to now becoming a Fellow(how time flies). I'm excited for the new year and the new adventures we are about to have!

    Austin Johnson 


    My name is Austin Johnson and I am a senior this year at Hamline. I am a Exercise Science major and Business minor. I like playing basketball, football, watching movies, and hanging with friends in my spare time. This is my second year with McVay and this year I am a fellow at the Liberty Park site. I am really looking forward to work with all the wonderful kids and staff we have at McVay this year! 

    Darrian Smith

      Darrian will return to McVay in the role of Fellow after the football season ends at Hamline.

    Mounds Park United Methodist Church


    Evan Hanson

    Esha Seth

    Senior Fellow 


    My name is Evan Hanson and I am majoring in Social Justice and Environmental studies. This year I have the opportunity to return to McVay for a second year at Mounds Park as a fellow. In addition to working with the students at Mounds Park and finishing up my majors, I will be rock climbing with the Hamline Rock Stars and working on a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate. I am really looking forward to returning to McVay this year. I believe in the work we do at McVay and I believe in the students we work with.

    Jesse Mamaril

    Esha Seth  

    Hey! My name is Jesse and I am a Senior majoring in Sociology this year at Hamline. This will be my second full year at McVay and I look forward to working with the kids once again. To describe myself a little bit,  I enjoy trying new things so I have many interests. A few interests I have are dancing, writing, and any active sport games. I like to stay active which is why I enjoy working with the McVay youth!

    Yutong Bao


    My name is Bao Yutong and my friends call me Gary. I’m from Inner Mongolia, China. Growing up in a mixed culture of Mongolian, Chinese and Muslim, I deeply felt its importance of maintaining the demographic diversity of a culture. And to do that, it is crucial to protect minorities’ rights and to offer education that respects their culture to the children. Now working at McVay Mounds Park, we are creating chances for the children, for the community of Karen refugees. Currently I am a senior majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Economics. In my spare time, I like to do fitness, rock climbing, biking in the summer time and skiing during the winter. And on the weekend, I am always hanging with friends visiting different cool places around the Twin Cities. In this coming year, I will be teamed up with great colleagues Wah Wah, Evan, and Jesse working as fellows at Mounds Park. I believe we will make it another great year!

    Wah Wah


    My name is Wah, Wah and this is my third year at Hamline. I am a First Generation college student. I was born in Burma and I speak three different languages. When I was little, I lived in refugee camps because it was a safe place for us to be away from our enemy. It was hard there because they were not many opportunities for us. I came to the United States when I was 12. I didn’t speak any English at all and it was very difficult for me. What I knew about America was that there were so many opportunities and freedom. If I think about living in a refugee camp, I can’t ever compare to living in the United States. Doing volunteer work is one of my top things I love to do. I work with people a lot and I am really good with solving problems. I like to be on time and plan out things before I do it. I hate to be late. I mostly do well in my school and get good grades. I liked being a leader but I like team work more. I came to Hamline University because it was close to my house and they gave me a good scholarship. I really like the place and the people. I love my class and my teachers are really nice and helpful. It is a small college and that is what I want for my college. I have three jobs right now with Hancock Elementary school, McVay, and Get Ready. I really love my job and I am glad that I came to Hamline because it was a really good fit for me.