• McVay Fellows: 2012-2013

    Hmong Community (Wheelock)

    Margaret Crenshaw

    Margaret 2011-12  
    (Senior Fellow)
    (Fall 2012)

    Hi! I'm Margaret and I am in my 4th year at Hamline. I'm studying Elementary Education and Social Justice and I will be student teaching this spring. This is my third year as a fellow at Wheelock/Hmong Community and I'm excited and sad to finish up my final year and say goodbye to the kids I've gotten to know like brothers and sisters. I love playing volleyball, playing pick up sticks, and cooking with the kids!

    Ellen Doering 
    McVay 12-13 Emma Doering
    (Senior Fellow)
    (J-term, Spring 2013)

    I am Ellen Doering. I will be a third year this coming fall and I am a Sociology major with an Education minor at Hamline.
    I love working with youth and helping people with whatever they need! In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, listening to music, and reading. I am so excited to work with the McVay youth and staff members!

    Pheng Her

    Pheng Her 

    Pheng Her, I am a Fellow at the Wheelock site; I am a senior graduating in May with an exercise and sport science major and a psychology minor. I plan to take a few years off before continuing education. I would like to go to Physical Therapy School. I have been with Mcvay since summer of 2012. I have been involved in Boy Scouts all my life and attribute most thing that are positive to my troop, Troop 100, and my scout master Dave Moore. I received my eagle scout in 2006. I have been a part of inner city youth programs like Mcvay all my life and have worked and volunteered for several youth programs like the Beacon program, ALL-THAT, YWCA and Boy Scouts of America to name some.

    Dayliar Htoo
    Daylar 2011-12  

    Hey! My name is Dayiar Htoo. I am a Karen student at Hamline University. This year will be my junior year at Hamline. My major is Business Management. I was born in Myanmar and moved to Thailand when I was a little girl. I came to United States when I was 12 years old and now it’s about 9 years that I have lived in United States.  Today I am at Hamline University trying to achieve my goal. This year will be my third years working with McVay. I enjoy working with kids a lot and McVay is a program where we work with kids, so it's a perfect job for me. Kids come to McVay to hangout, get involved in activities, learn about themselves and others. I had learned a lot from this program and I got to know a lot of kids and staff members. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and family. I like playing volleyball, soccer, and badminton. I like to listen to music, sing, and watch movies. Most importantly, I like to sleep a lot.


    Luis Rodriguez
    louis R 



    Hello, my name is Luis Rodriguez. I am a Junior at Hamline University; my major is Criminal Justice with a Psychology minor.  I have many hobbies; I love to collect cards and coins. I also love working with kids and it’s one of my major passions to help the youth and allow them to succeed in the world by providing as much support as I can.

    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church

    Pa Yong Xiong

    Pa Yong 2011-12  
    (Senior Fellow)
    (Fall 2012, J-term 2013)

     Hi! My name is Pa Yong Xiong. I will be a Senior at Hamline this year, majoring in Business Management. 

    In my free time, I like to paint, sing off tune, and relax. Being in the McVay program, I hope to build bridges, inspire, and motivate students. This will be my first year being a Fellow and I am excited about planning and working with more wonderful students this year!


    Zin Zin Htoo
    ZinZin Htoo
    (Senior Fellow)

    Hi, My name is Zin Zin Htoo and this is my third year at Hamline University.  I came to the U.S. in 2003. I'm from Burma. I speak Karen, English Burmese, and a little Thai.  Over the summer I worked with the McVay program and I just loved it! Before that I used to be a student at the McVay program at Arlington, but now I'm a staff member in the program.  I am just so glad to be at Hamline University. Thanks a lot to Jane Krentz. because without her I wouldn't be here with all of you at Hamline.



     Rod MpagaziheRod McVay




    Salut! My name is Rod Mpagazihe and I am currently a Senior at Hamline University. 


    I am an International Business & Finance major and French minor. I was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where I resided for approximately 10 years with my family before coming to the United States. I enjoy playing and watching sports, listening to classical music, meeting new people, being with my daughter and learning about the International Business environment. This is my second year with McVay where I am positioned as a Fellow at Arlington.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to not just serve as a mentor to all the kids I've interacted with, but also to learning so much about them in all aspects. I am also proud to be a part of such a great group of Interns and fellows who truly value the mission which upholds McVay "Creating a safe, fun and educational environment for the students." I look forward to continually expand my relationship with these great kids. Go McVay!



     Kennan Daoudi

    Kennan Daoudi




     Hello! My name is Kennan Daoudi and I'm currently in my senior year at Hamline, majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in French. 

    I am so excited to be coming back and working with the McVay Youth VOICE program this year. In my spare time I love listening to and playing music, trying to keep up with global and local politics, traveling and the cultural exchange that comes with it, singing, and socializing. I am very proud to be a mentor, as it is one of the most fulfilling and effective ways to make a positive difference in the lives of youth, an endeavor whose importance must not be underestimated. I cannot wait to continue programming with these youth in an environment where staff and students are constantly learning from one   another!


    McVay 12-13 Allie Greene-Winek

        (Spring 2013)


    Hey! My name is Allie Greene-Winek, I am a sophomore at Hamline University. I am majoring in Psychology and co-majoring in Elementary Education.  I hope to be a kindergarten teacher one day, which is why I am very excited to be part of the McVay program and work with students! I enjoy being outdoors, traveling, staying active, laughing and talking with others.


    Emma's Place

     Keyonis Johnson
    McVay 12-13 Keyonis Johnson



     Hey! My name is Keyonis Johnson. I am a junior and this is my first year with McVay. 


    I am really honored to be starting out as a Fellow at Emma's Place. I am majoring in Social Justice and double minoring in African American Studies and Sociology. I am super excited to be a part of the McVay Youth program because I am really passionate about giving back to the community and inspiring youth to be as successful as they can be! I know from experience that kids are really impacted by mentorship but the mentors are just as impacted by the experience. I enjoy the energy that kids bring and love working with them. I look forward to learning and growing from interaction with the kids that I will be working with!

    Dess Similhomme

    Hello!  My Name is Dessalien Similhomme aka Dess, and this is my second year working at McVay and third year at Hamline University.  I’m a Psychology and Athletic training Minor.

    I play football for Hamline and like to be active and like food! I’m excited to be part of the McVay program this year and ready to give positive advice and be a good role model and help the kids be successful.

    Esha Seth
    Esha 2011-12

    Hey! I am Esha and I am from India. This will be my third year at Hamline and McVay and my first year as a McVay fellow.


    I will be majoring in Psychology and Marketing. I also work as a Math tutor at LEAP high school and love spending time with the children there. I have made some great friends and have had a lot of fun working with the kids. This program has taught me that working can be fun too! I hope to be able to be a good mentor to the kids . "


    Liberty Plaza

    Huda Badri

    Hey Everyone! I am Huda Badri and I am currently in my second year at Hamline. I am majoring in Biology and Health Sciences as well as some minors I’m still deciding on. I started McVay at the beginning of the year and I am happy to serve as a fellow. I was born and raised in Kenya. I arrived in the U.S at age fourteen and I speak English and Somali. I’m amazed at how my folks are able to retain seven languages since I forgot Kiswahili and Amharic. Those two languages were what I grew up with. I am the oldest of nine kids and I have the responsibility of leading the rest. I have always been involved in programs where youth were the focal point and I am hoping my career has the same in store for me. I am happy that I get to work with amazing kids that I learn from as much as they learn from me. I also enjoy the great people I serve alongside with.

    Jasmine Norris-Marsh
    Jasmine Norris-Marsh 
    (Senior Fellow)
     (Fall 2012, J-term 2013)

    Hey!  My name is Jasmine and its my fourth year at Hamline University.


    This is my third year in McVay and I am thrilled to be a part of such an outstanding program. I am currently going to school for a Communications Studies major, a Sociology minor and a certificate in International Journalism. After school I am hoping to intern with one of Minnesota's major TV broadcast companies and eventually become a news journalist. I am also a Piper cheerleader and participate in Hamline's Gospel choir in my spare time. I enjoy traveling and have been to several countries and states all over the world. Some of the things that are most important to me are my family, music, meeting new people and learning new things!


     Yakasah WehyeeYas 2011-12
     (Senior Fellow)

    Hi, my name is Yakasah Wehyee. 


    I grew up in North Minneapolis. Growing up, school did not come easy for me. I always had to work twice as hard to keep up with the rest of the class and would often feel as if I was no good at anything. I was fortunate enough to have positive people in my life the whole way through who constantly supported and believed that I could achieve great things if I put my mind and effort to it. Working at McVay is a great opportunity for me as I feel that I can make a positive difference in another kid’s life.

    Taylor Williamson

    Hey McVay! My name is Taylor Williamson, I live in Bloomington and I am a second year here at Hamline University.


    I am still undecided in terms of my major and minor, but I am leaning towards either sociology, or education, or maybe both! Who knows. I enjoy working with kids, listening to music, playing video games and sports. 

    St. Anthony Park United Methodist Church

    Joss Hass


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    Fadumo Osman


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