• McVay Advisory Committee

    Members are selected for the McVay Youth Partnership advisory committee based on their commitment to youth. Committee members meet with program director Jane Krentz at least twice per year to receive program updates, discuss the future direction, and provide feedback and recommendations.

    Advisory committee members are expected to visit one or more program sites each year and are encouraged to meet with a group of fellows and/or interns. Members also serve as informal ambassadors for the McVay Youth Partnership to the wider community.

    2019-2020 McVay Advisory Committee

    Mark Berkson
    Professor and Chair of the Religion Department, Hamline University

    Thomas Biatek
    Pastor, Path of Grace United Methodist Church

    Joan Decker
    Member at large/Volunteer

    Ellen Doering
    McVay Alumni Representative

    Molly Doran
    Program Administrator, Hamline School of Education and Leadership

    Barb Edgar
    Member, Hamline Church United Methodist

    Gwen Ellis
    Former Youth Coordinator at Emma's Place

    Heather Grantham
    Director of Spiritual Formation, Hamline Church United Methodist

    Hannah Hoeger
    McVay Alumni Representative

    Jay Jeong
    Pastor, Mounds Park United Methodist Church

    Eh Tha Khu
    Co-Director, Karen Organization of Minnesota

    Melissa Laubach
    Former Program Coordinator, Liberty Plaza

    Dan Loritz
    Former Vice President, Hamline University

    Katie Matson-Daley  The Beloved UMC

    Amy and Pete Neuswanger 
    Members, Faith United Methodist Church

    Jeff Ozanne Pastor, Faith UMC

    Martha Rice
    Outreach Coordinator, Path of Grace United Methodist Church

    David Stewart
    Former Pastor, Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church

    Mariah Tollgaard
    Pastor, Hamline Church United Methodist

    Kathleen Vellenga
    Formerly with Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church

    Yakash Wehyee
    McVay Alumni Representative