• News Releases and Advisories

    Hometown News Releases

    More than 2,000 hometown news releases are sent each year on behalf of students each year to publicize their achievements. Hometown news releases announce various achievements such as when students make the dean's list and when students graduate.

    A student may give the Office of University Relations permission to send out hometown news releases on his or her behalf. Students may grant permission during the admission process, during validation in the fall, or by downloading the form, printing it out, and mailing or emailing it to the university.

    Once hometown news releases are sent to the media, the Office of University Relations does not have control over what the papers will do with the release. An overwhelming majority of hometown news releases do get published.

    News Releases

    News releases, media advisories, and community calendar alerts are written by the Office of University Relations to provide basic information to the media and public about upcoming events, speakers, new faculty, grants, etc. News releases generated by the Office of University Relations must have a Hamline angle. They should involve a Hamline-sponsored event or program and/or take place on the Hamline University campus.

    Information for news release requests should be submitted via email and include essential information of who, what, where, when, why, how, and cost (if applicable). For more help in requesting a news release, see the news release checklist. Submissions can be made by sending information to:

    Gail Nosek
    Director of Public Relations and Social Media 
    1536 Hewitt Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55104

    651-523-2511 (office)
    651-523-3153 (fax)

    News Advisories

    News advisories are not a complete news release, but are an effective way to alert the media to news and events on campus that will take place. Advisories are also sent to the media regarding faculty experts who can share insight into major local and national news stories.