• Undergraduate J-Term and May Term Programs

    Undergraduate J-Term and May Term Programs

    Hamline offers multiple J-term and May term courses in various regions around the world. We are also able to work with students interested in using other non Hamline program providers during these time periods. Please contact the Global Engagement Center for additional information. Read a copy of the Hamline University J-Term-May Term Study Abroad Policies here.

    Hamline Application Process

    1. Search all undergraduate J-term and May term programs (we encourage you to first look at Hamline's featured programs which are indicated by a yellow star Yellow Star).

    2. Review study abroad requirements.

    3. Plan your study abroad budget and meet with the Financial Aid office. Financial aid (typically in the form of loans) may be available. Semester aid does not apply towards short term program costs. HSB undergraduate students may apply for the Holt Fellowship Award.

    4. Complete Hamline's online study abroad application before the application deadline. Once you submit your online application, you must also submit an  application fee. Please note: this fee is separate from the estimated cost of the course and may be paid by cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order (no credit cards). Checks should be made payable to Hamline University and payment must be submitted to the Global Engagement Center by mail or in person. Once these items are submitted, you will be enrolled in the study abroad course. The application fee is refundable only if the program is canceled.

    5. After the application deadline you will receive confirmation of acceptance by email from the Global Engagement Center. If this is a non-Hamline program, you will receive additional information from the Global Engagement Center.

    After Acceptance:

    1. Apply for your passport.  If needed, apply for visa (students who are not U.S. Citizens should be in contact with the Global Engagement Center to determine if this is necessary).  Students who do not have a valid, non-expired passport as of the application deadline will be required to apply in person for a passport at the Minneapolis Passport Issuing Agency within one week of the application deadline.

    2. Schedule a mandatory Travel Medicine Consultation and submit the Travel Medicine Consultation Confirmation form.

    3. Attend mandatory pre-departure meetings. All students must complete the online orientation through their Studio Abroad accounts. Students must also attend any mandatory pre-departure meetings with the course instructor, if offered. If this is a non-Hamline program, you must schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor.