The Women's Resource Center (WRC) is a judgment-free space to ask questions and learn about intersectional feminist issues. All our services and resources, including supplies, are free to Hamline students. 

    If we are closed and you need menstrual health or sexual health supplies, find one of our stocked bins around campus: Anderson 319 (SALD), West Hall Basement (Commuter Lounge), and Bush Library Basement (CASA). If you are unsafe or in crisis and need immediate assistance, please contact Hamline Public Safety at 651-5223-2100 or Counseling and Health Services at 651-523-2204.  

    Menstrual Supplies 

    • menstrual cups
    • pads (variety of sizes, one-time and reusable options)
    • tampons (regular and super absorbency, applicator and digit, organic options)
    • coupons/discount codes for additional supplies 

    Sexual Health Supplies 

    • condoms (latex and non-latex)
    • dental dams
    • lube (flavored and non-flavored, organic options)
    • pregnancy tests
    • information and directions for using/applying supplies

    Educational Materials

    We have brochures and handouts and a library of feminist books, comics, magazines, and zines that cover a variety of topics, including:

     art & theatre       athletics   bystander intervention   community organizing & advocacy   crime   dating & healthy relationships 
     eating disorders  feminist theories   LGBTQIA+  gender & politics  menstruation  mental health
     mentorship & leadership   parenthood  pregnancy  race & culture   religion  self care
     sex & sexual pleasure  sexual health  sexual violence  trauma women's history   women's rights 

    We also have information available on gender- and sex-based policies and procedures at Hamline, such as Title IX.

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