• COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

    Note: Policies and guidelines for Fall 2021 are still being formulated. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

    As a result of Hamline University’s COVID-19 Response Plan and the Stay Safe MN Plan, new student organization policies and protocols are in place for the Fall 2020 semester. The guidance provided below is intended to help students and Student Organizations engage and build community and a sense of belonging while still observing applicable protocols, policies, and guidelines for students’ safety. Please note that this list is subject to change, and may be extended beyond Fall 2020.

    On-Campus Meetings and Events

    • Bottom line: Should be held virtually whenever possible.
    • If a meeting is not able to be held virtually, CEM should be contacted to request an exception, with rationale for why a virtual option isn’t possible. CEM has final say over this.
    • When held in-person, must be conducted with 6’ of physical distancing between all in attendance, as well as in compliance with CEM room capacities as these differ for every space.
    • Mandatory meetings should include the option of virtual participation for members who are not comfortable or able to attend physically.
    • An attendance sheet of all who attend in-person meetings and events must be collected and maintained for at least 14 days. It needs to be available for purposes of contact tracing, should a participant contract or be exposed to COVID.
    • All in-person attendees must wear face masks.
    • Events where participants share, pass, and touch objects are suspended. Events such as board or video game activities may be held if there is no physical exchange of controllers, game pieces, cards, dice, or other objects. Participants must have the ability to physically distance (6 feet) from other participants.
    • Room capacity reductions will restrict the number of members who can be in a space for in-person meetings and events. Questions about room capacities should be directed to CEM.
    • Room setups may not be modified this year, as most spaces have been converted to classrooms.
    • Anderson Center tabling can still be requested and reserved through CEM, however locations may be different.
    • Members should be informed that they are not to attend in-person meetings and events if they are sick or concerned about recent exposure to COVID-19.
    • Off-campus guests should not be invited to on-campus meetings and events in an effort to prevent risk of outside spread.

    Off-Campus Events and Travel

    • Student organizations are not permitted to host or participate in off-campus events, including conferences, service trips, competitions, or other organized activities.
    • Hosting an event at a private residence that brings together students who do not live in the same residence is not permitted, as this type of event has been shown to be a source of rapid community spread. 
    • No Hamline university funds (including student fee dollars) may be used to pay for any form of travel until further notice.

    Face Coverings/Masks/Face Shields

    Per the Hamline University Mask Policy:

    • Masks will be worn by all students and employees outdoors when unable to sustain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others.
    • Masks will be worn by all students, employees and guests while indoors in common areas of campus. This includes hallways, classrooms and labs, offices without private office space allowing for 6 feet of physical distance and shared common areas in all campus buildings including residential facilities.
    • Masks will be required in all dining areas while entering and leaving or getting food and drinks. They may be removed at appropriately socially distanced tables in order to eat but must be replaced after eating.


    • Food consumption is not allowed during meetings and events. All food must be “grab-and-go”.
    • All food offerings and utensils must be individually packaged. Buffets and communal food offerings (shared pizzas, party trays, etc.) are not permitted.
    • Drinks must either have a lid or utilize a straw.
    • Hand sanitizer should be available in close proximity to any space where food is provided.

    Guidance for Advisors

    • Student organization advisors need to work with the group and members to follow the guidance of the University and the State of Minnesota regarding the prevention of spread of COVID-19.
    • Affiliated Student Organizations should follow the guidelines of the departments that support them as well as SALD guidelines.
    • Encourage student members to be conscientious of the parameters of physical distancing and avoiding high risk activities and environments.
    • Make your level of comfort with face to face meetings with the group clear. If you prefer to meet with them through virtual means that should be an option. Please continue to meet regularly with organization leadership.
    • Masks are required for face to face participation unless there is a documented medical accommodation on file with Disability Resources. 
    • Help students understand the importance of wearing a face covering and physically distancing themselves when that is not possible.
    • Help students understand that some people cannot wear face coverings and should have virtual opportunities to participate.
    • Help students make thoughtful decisions about how to ask members or guests to wear a face covering. 
    • Help them think of ways to include members or guests that cannot wear a face covering or wish to participate virtually.