• Tuition Rates for Master of Arts in Teaching

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  • Master of Arts in Teaching

    2017-2018 Tuition and Fees  

    Tuition (per credit)      $569
    Facilities Fee (per credit) $3
    Technology Fee (per credit) $9
    Program Administrative Fee (per credit) $5
    Course Materials (as required by instructor) Variable
     New Student Fee (one time) $150
    Returning Student Fee  $45
    edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) Fee (student teaching only) $350
    International Student Fee $310
    Student Teaching Abroad Program Fee (as applicable) $3,250


  • Dual Program Tuition: Graduate students pursuing more than one program will be billed the tuition rate for their primary program until it is complete. Primary program hierarchy is as follows: (1) degree, (2) licensure, (3) certificate, (4) continuing studies