• Proposal Prep and Submission

    Assembling the team

    Hamline -- and your own contacts -- can provide a wealth of expertise that will help you build a compelling case for your project or research. 

    Your team should include:
    •    Sponsored Projects Office representative (SPO lead)
    •    additional faculty or staff from Hamline
    •    outside experts who will be participating in the proposal, if awarded
    •    members of the community you intend to serve 

    It is the responsibility of this team to produce a high-quality, on-time, and feasible proposal while complying with all proposal and Hamline University guidelines and requirements.

    PI Getting Started Checklist
    SPO Step One Form  

    Proposal timeline

    Based on proposal guidelines, submission deadlines, and additional resources needed, you and the SPO should create a timeline for proposal submission. Your SPO lead can help you determine what you'll need to complete for the proposal, what signatures and forms will be required, what outside letters of confirmation/commitment will be required, and how to build your budget. The SPO will assist with writing if timing permits.

     All proposals must be turned in to the Sponsored Projects office one week prior to the funder's deadline in order to obtain mandatory signatures and permissions. 

     For your timeline: 

    • Make a list of every document and requirement for final submission.
    • Determine (based on your team) who will complete each item, and assign a deadline for each item.
    • Leave time for review of each draft by other members of the team and outside readers.
    • No matter what the final budget format required for submission, you must complete a budget spreadsheet estimating what funds will be spent during the project on a year-by-year basis. 

      Leave enough time to have the budget approved by SPO, then to create the required format for the funder!
    • One week before the deadline, a budget and narrative must be turned in to the Sponsored Programs Office so that a Proposal Routing Form can be reviewed and signed. 
    • The SPO will also review the proposal against funder guidelines.

    Writing a Proposal

    Read more about Writing a Proposal here.  Remember, successful projects often contain most of these components:

    • New idea or approach to the problem

    • Builds on lessons learned (understand the field and the literature)

    • Strong operational plan connecting goals, objectives, timelines, and staff accountability

    • Applicant team has capacity to execute the plan

    • Once complete, the project will have knowledge or outcome to share with a broader community

    • Project will be sustained beyond the duration of the grant