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    Award Financial Management

    Principal Investigators and grant personnel must follow all policies and procedures relating to their grant agreement - as well as Hamline University policies and procedures.


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    Applying for Grants

    Don Long

    Grant budget planning (Pre-Award)

    Gina Rysdon

    Grant budget reporting (Post-Award)

    Gina Rysdon 

    Grant balance updates (Workday > Financial Dashboard > Grant Financial Dashboard > Ending balance of specific grant)

    Gina Rysdon

    Pre-Award Financial Planning

    Considering what you want to accomplish, think about what’s needed to get there.

    • What’s the goal of the project? 
    • What activities will take place to reach that goal? 
    • What will be needed to conduct those activities? 
      • Who will be involved? 
      • When will the project take place? 
      • Where will activities occur?

    It’s critical to submit a comprehensive budget that accurately estimates anticipated expense. This will be a key indicator to the sponsoring agency that we are knowledgeable and prepared to conduct the proposed project.

    The Manager of Sponsored and Restricted Funds will work with you and the Director of Sponsored Programs to think through every aspect of your budget.

    Post-Award Financial Management

    Congratulations-you received a grant award!

    Before getting started with your project, we’ll be sure to read and understand all award documents. Principal Investigators and grant personnel must follow all policies and procedures related to grant agreements -- as well as Hamline University policies and procedures. Sponsored Programs staff are available to support your project team to better understand all of these requirements.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Principal Investigator (PI)

    • fulfills the terms and conditions of the grant 
    • assembles the team, ensuring they’re aware of their role and responsibilities 
    • ensures the project’s integrity 
    • manages relationships and monitors the performance of sub-recipients 
    • ensures the financial management of the award 
    • reports on project activities, progress, and results 

    Accounting Office

    • provides accounting infrastructure in Workday 
    • provides guidance on using Workday 
    • supports purchasing and procurement processes 
    • ensures that expenditures incurred are allowable 
    • collects effort certification documentation 
    • submits all invoices and required financial reports

    Sponsored Programs Office

    • provides narrative report support 
    • supports communications with program officer

    Most post-award financial management guidelines, policy links, and general information can be found in the Sponsored and Restricted Funds Expenditure Guidelines. Still have questions? Reach out to Gina Rysdon in the Accounting Office.