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    Sponsored Programs Office

    The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) helps Hamline faculty and staff develop and submit grant and contract proposals to governmental and private sponsors.
    If you are a faculty or staff member at Hamline University, the SPO can help you:

    • find sources of funding from among private and governmental agencies by tapping online search engines and other resources;

    • access and manage online submission engines that external sponsors commonly use (Grants.gov, NIH eRA Commons, NSF Fastlane, and others);

    • understand and interpret complex sponsor guidelines and solicitations;

    • develop budgets for grant proposals that are accurate and constructed in a way that is consistent with agency guidelines and Hamline policies;

    • secure and document the commitment of internal cash and in-kind matching resources in support of your sponsored project;

    • navigate the internal review and approval process that is required of all proposals prior to their submission to an external sponsor;

    • conduct follow-up communications with sponsors, interpret reviewers' comments, and position you to re-apply when a proposal is not funded; and,

    • assist you with non-financial grant reporting requirements.


  • Proposal Preparation

    Proposal Preparation

    Need help preparing your proposal?  Click here to view our getting started guide and other resources to help you craft a successful proposal document.

  • Funding Opportunities

    Funding Searches

    Looking for additional funding opportunities?  The Sponsored Programs Office has resources and links that will help you find the grant you're looking for.

  • Award Management

    Award Management

    The Sponsored Programs Office can help you with managing awards, including assisting in the development of compliance, narrative, and financial reports.

  • A Note Before You Get Started

    The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) will assist you in searching for external funding sources, writing and editing your proposal, developing your budget, interpreting sponsors' solicitations and guidelines, submitting your proposal, and managing your award once you are funded. Please contact the Sponsored Programs Office early in your grant-seeking process to explore all of your available options. 

    Please note that all Hamline faculty and staff must coordinate the submission of a grant or contract proposal with the Sponsored Programs Office if any of the following are true:

    • Your grant or contract project will involved a reassignment of the time and effort of any Hamline employee, or

    • Your grant or contract project will be financially managed by Hamline University, or

    • Your grant or contract project will require you to use Hamline resources (office, computers, labs, internet, etc.) in any way.

    If none of these factors apply to the grant or contract proposal that you plan to submit to an  external sponsor, you are welcome to work with the Sponsored Programs Office but you are not required to do so.

    Getting Started

    To get started, please email Donald Long with the name of the potential funder and the application deadline date and he will contact you to discuss.