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    Sponsored Programs Office

    The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) seeks to help university faculty, staff, and students seeking outside support to fund research, scholarship, or programmatic projects that will have a positive impact on the Hamline University mission, strategic plan, and community.

  • Proposal Preparation

    Proposal Preparation

    Need help preparing your proposal?  Click here to view our getting started guide and other resources to help you craft a successful proposal document.

  • Funding Opportunities

    Funding Searches

    Looking for additional funding opportunities?  The Sponsored Programs Office has resources and links that will help you find the grant you're looking for.

  • Award Management

    Award Management

    The Sponsored Programs Office can help you with managing awards, including assisting in the development of compliance, narrative, and financial reports.

  • Get Started

    The Sponsored Programs Office assists in searching for funding sources, proposal writing, budget formation/submission, award/financial management, and research compliance. Please contact the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) early in your grant seeking process to explore all your available options. While the principal investigator or project director will remain the content expert and be actively engaged in all aspects of grant proposals and project development, SPO can in every phase of the grants process.  

     Complete the SPO Step One form as soon as you have an idea for a program or project!

    All Hamline faculty and staff must coordinate institutional fundraising efforts (grants and contracts that generate revenue) through the Sponsored Programs Office, beginning with the Step One form. All Hamline faculty and staff must coordinate any individual (non-grant or contract) fundraising efforts through the Development Office, under the leadership of associate vice president Carrie Albers. Please email Carrie at calbers01@hamline.edu for more information.