• Additional Event Resources


    Please make sure to consider the accessibility needs of your event. If you have questions about spaces on campus or how to make your event more accessible, please work with Disability Resources or Classroom and Space Management.

    Art Shows

    The walls of the Giddins Learning Center Art Gallery (GLC EXHIBIT) are a an ideal place for an art show. The space can be reserved through 25Live. The event requester will need to contact Facilities Services to discuss installation of the art, which needs to be coordinated and approved two weeks prior to the start of the display. There are various methods of hanging that must be used to avoided damage to the plaster. No tape or other adhesives are allowed. When requesting space, make sure to add GLC EXHIBIT to your request. If you will be having an opening and/or closing reception please reserve GLC GALLERY.

    External Guests

    If you have an external presenter or performer coming to campus, please work with Classroom and Space Management to ensure fulfillment of the guest’s contract. We will help you make sure all their needs are met while on campus.


    If a film is to be shown for an event that is open and advertised to the public (or University community), the group must request the film via a form through the Student Activities office. If the film is to be shown in a class or small event for a specific group of people (and not advertised), copyright issues do not apply and the group, faculty, or staff members to not need to order the film through the Student Activities office.

    Outdoor Events

    Outdoor events need to be planned at least two weeks in advance. Outdoor reservations include the locations of grills (Sorin Residence Hall, Manor Residence Hall, and the Bush Memorial Library Patio). Only 1 to 2 outdoor events can accommodated per day, so please plan ahead and have a back-up date.

    When scheduling an outdoor event, a rain site back up is required unless the event will be cancelled in the case of poor weather. On the day of your event, the group contact will need to contact the ABM hospitality manager at 612-741-9447 at least 2 hours before the indicated setup time. If the call isn’t made, the requested equipment will not be delivered to the event site. The availability of tables and chairs is based on other events that are happening on campus that day. The maximum that can be reserved is 1 rack of chairs (36) and 1 rack of tables (10). Amplification is only allowed on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the convocation hour, 11:20 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.


    Any security working at Hamline University must be hired through Hamline Safety and Security Services. Allow at least three weeks notice to arrange for police officers through the City of Saint Paul. All costs (which the group may be required to pay in advance) are incurred by the reserving group.


    Please contact our office if you believe your event will require staging. We will work with ABM Custodial Services to determine appropriate placement and size for your event. Please note that some locations require stage rental and all rental fees are incurred by the reserving group.


    "Tabling" (elections, information, etc.) can be done in Giddens Learning Center Lobby and in the Anderson University Center. All table requests go through the scheduling software, 25Live.