• 4-Year Assurance Review

    Lockdate for all submitted materials: June 27, 2022

    The 4-year Assurance Review confirms Hamline University is continuing to meet the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC’s) Criteria for Accreditation. By June 27, 2022 the university is required to submit documentation to demonstrate how it fulfills each criterion and core component by virtue of a narrative (Assurance Argument) and an evidence file (supporting documents). An HLC Peer Review Team will evaluate the documentation and will recommend whether the university should continue in the accreditation review cycle or whether additional monitoring is required.

    The Accreditation Criteria are as follows:
    Criterion 1: MISSION
    Criterion 2: INTEGRITY--Ethical and Responsible Conduct
    Criterion 3: TEACHING AND LEARNING: Quality, Resources, and Support
    Criterion 4: TEACHING AND LEARNING: Evaluation and Improvement

    For questions about the university’s accreditation status or the current 4-Year Assurance review process, contact Hamline’s institutional Accreditation Liaison Officer.