• HLC Accreditation Assessment Preparation 

    To prepare the assurance argument for the 2017 submission to the Higher Learning Commission

    1. Accreditation Assessment Committee and Sub-Committees

    Co-chaired by Jill Bryant, Associate Provost, and Tracy Williams, Director, Institutional Effectiveness,the Accreditation Assessment Committee was comprised of five accreditation sub-committees, each with their own chairs. This committee managed the overall process and timeline for assessing the university in meeting HLC’s criterion for accreditation review.

    Nancy Holland, Professor, CLA, served as an HLC advisor to the Accreditation Assessment & Review Committee. Amanda Roll-Kuhne, Director of Operations, Provost’s Office, as documents manager, and Sally Gerlach, Assistant Director, Institutional Effectiveness, as data coordinator to HLC. Each Accreditation Sub-Committee drafted  assurance arguments and collected and documented corresponding evidence in support of HLC’s five criterion (including sub-components) and four assumed practices.

    The co-chairs were responsible for coordination of all documentation, writing the final assessment and reporting to HLC, and communication to all constituents on the status of the various accreditation committees’ work. 


    Each Accreditation Sub-Committee prepared assurance arguments, assembled corresponding evidence in support of HLC five criterion (and sub components), and communicated with all constituents on the status of the accreditation committees’ work. Each committee was comprised of 3-5 faculty and staff representatives. Click on the links below to view each subcommittee:

    Sub-Committee 1.
    Mission: Clearly Articulated
    Chair – Ken Fox, Professor, HSB, and Director of Conflict Studies

    Sub-Committee 2.
    Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
    Chairs – Jennifer Carlson, Associate Professor, HSE; Terry Metz, University Library Director; Lori Standafer, Controller.

    Sub-Committee 3.
    Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support
    Chairs – Kim Koeppen, UCC Chair; Gwenn Sherburne, University Registrar.
    Members: Beth Gunderson (HSB), Karen Moroz (HSE)

    Sub-Committee 4.

    Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement
    Chairs – Letitia Basford, Associate Professor, HSE, and CLOA Co-chair; Caroline Hilk, Lecturer and Director of CTL.
    Members:  Stacey Bosley (HSB), Kristina Deffenbacher (CLA), Leondra Hanson (CLA)

    Sub-Committee 5.

    Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness and Federal Compliance
    Chairs – Patti Klein, Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator; Richelle Wesley, Director of Finance; Michelle Hegarty, Senior Associate Vice President for Finance.

    2. Accreditation Steering Committee

    The Accreditation Steering Committee provided guidance and assessed the overall effectiveness and work of the Accreditation Committee. Chaired by Provost John Matachek, this committee was comprised of the President’s Staff (Carrie Albers, Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement, John Matachek, Provost, Patti Klein, Dean of Students, Jane Telleen, Executive Assistant to the President, Margaret Tungseth, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Jason Verdugo, Athletic Director, and Cathy Wassberg, Vice President and General Counsel), Associate Provost Jill Bryant (who serves as the official liaison from the Accreditation Committee), and Faculty Council president, John Mazis.

    • 3. Accreditation Executive Committee

      An Executive Committee made up of the president and the provost made the final decisions concerning the HLC accreditation review process and authorized all final reports.