• Fayneese Miller WTL 2020

  • A Message from the President

    We Take The Lead

    Hamline University has a long history of cultivating leaders who have the courage and tenacity to make the world better for everyone.

    Our story began 163 years ago when Methodist visionaries founded Minnesota’s first university on a dream to educate the state’s earliest leaders—before there was a state to lead. Out of this trailblazing spirit, Hamline University was born.

    As the first university to open its doors with women and one of the first to create a culturally inclusive classroom, Hamline paved the way for progress. Now going boldly into the next century, we take the lead once more as changemakers and innovators, driven by purpose and passion to do all the good we can.

    At Hamline, we prepare leaders for tomorrow by providing a space where people of all backgrounds are empowered with an education deeply rooted in the liberal arts and relevant learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

    We shape strong, compassionate leaders to solve the challenges of the future through collaborative research projects that open minds, study abroad programs that open eyes, service-learning opportunities that open hearts, and internships that open doors.

    I’m proud to say that today’s leaders are taking us into a future that even our trailblazing founders might not have imagined. They are helping us write another chapter in our long, illustrious history by taking on the world, standing for justice, creating, and innovating.

    They are working together to make a real-world impact and to make Hamline’s presence known in Minnesota, nationally, and globally. Because if there’s one thing a Hamline education teaches you, it’s that when we’re all striving to take the lead together, there’s absolutely no telling the places we can go!

    Fayneese Miller, Ph.D.
    President, Hamline University