• ncore team 2016

    NCORE Team

    Members of the 2016-2017 NCORE Team

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    NCORE Team Member Expectations

    • Attend the NCORE Team Welcome Dinner; 

    • Attend on-campus pre-conference workshop (two day-long workshop);

    • Participate in the National Conference; 

    • Return to Hamline for a post-conference session (day-long workshop); 

    • Participate in monthly meetings during the school year; 

    • Host, sponsor and/or provide leadership for campus initiatives related to their interest, racial justice and the collective goals of the NCORE Team; and 

    • Assist in the selection process for the next NCORE Team 

    Team members whose participation meets all expectations are entitled to a letter of documentation about their performance as a member of the Hamline team. Student participants may present the experience as evidence of teamwork skills, diversity program development, and leadership development. For staff, participation in the NCORE conference and subsequent work is evidence of contributing to the university’s strategic initiatives on diversity and community. For faculty, this work often falls into the “service” category but may also intersect with scholarly productivity and teaching effectiveness