• Typography

    Print fonts

    Hamline recommends the use of these fonts in print publications: Myriad, Neutraface, Adobe Garamond, or Clarendon. These fonts convey Hamline's brand identity and ensure a consistent experience across platforms.

    For paragraph copy, Myriad and Adobe Garamond provide the best readability and spacing. Garamond may be used when Adobe Garamond isn't available.

    Clarendon is best used for bold or headline copy, and should not be used for paragraph copy.

    Web fonts

    Hamline web publications use one of five fonts: Verdana, Myriad, Neutraface, Adobe Garamond, or Clarendon.

    Verdana is a commonly used font for web products and should be used for body copy. The CMS uses only Verdana.

    Adobe Garamond, Clarendon, Myriad, and Neutraface may be used for graphic text elements such as headers or buttons.