• Stock Products

    Stock products are formal, preprinted pieces that can be produced quickly and cost-effectively. They come preprinted with the Hamline University or the School of Law seal or the logo. To maintain consistency, we allow only certain fonts, sizes, colors, and types of information to be used on these products, and reserve the right to restrict use.

    Certificates may be ordered to acknowledge official Hamline achievements or honors, including the completion of certificate courses. To order certificates, please fill out our project request form

    Panel card invitations are one of our most popular pieces. They are used for events and are a quick and easy way to create a formal and elegant invitation.

    Programs are used for lectures and events.

    In general, we need 2-3 weeks lead time to produce these pieces. To view our sample book of stock products or to discuss a new project, please contact Katie Drews at osc@hamline.edu 651-523-2486.