• Email Guide 

    Creating dynamic and effective email marketing campaigns can be intimidating at first. Use these recommendations from Web Services to help you get started. 

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    Subject line

    • Be descriptive rather than clever. Get to the point: “Open house invitation.” “Committee Meeting Rescheduled." 
    • Keep it short: under 50 characters.
    • Avoid spam words (“free”, “look,” etc.). 
    • Don't use all caps.


    • Make the point of the email in the first sentence: “You’re invited to an open house October 24.” 
    • Keep it short and say it once. People rarely sit and read a long email -- they scan. 
    • Use headlines and bulleted lists to break up the text. 
    • Include an action item -- i.e. register, RSVP, visit a link, etc. Focus your email on one action item. 
    • Use links to keep your copy short and refer your reader to more info. Don’t use “click here” language when making links…. Link the verb (I.e. “watch,” “read,” “learn” or the other appropriate text. 


    • No javascript, flash, or video -- these aren’t supported in email clients.
    • Obey the rule of three -- three font styles or treatments maximum. More than that and you lose focus on the things you’re trying to highlight. 
    • Use style short call-outs to attract attention: “Don’t miss your opportunity to play for and learn from this renowned cellist.” 
    • Avoid styling whole paragraphs. 


    • Use only one space after the end of a sentence. 
    • Use serial commas. 
    • Don’t use “th,” “st,” “nd,” or “rd” on dates or numbers. 
    • Spell out days and dates (i.e., August 23, 2010 instead of 8/23/10). 
    • Use a.m. and p.m. instead of AM/pm/P.M. and eliminate double-zeros. It’s 5 p.m., not 5:00 p.m. 

    Best Practices

    • Don’t over-send to your email list. Too many emails too frequently and recipients might get tired of you and unsubscribe. 
    • Monitor your open and click-thru rates to evaluate effectiveness and improve your emails.