• Hamline's Color Palette


    Main colors 

    Hamline's official colors are burgundy (Pantone 201) and gray (Pantone 405).

    colors_red colors_gray  

    Color Palette 

    A wider color palette exists to add depth and energy to Hamline's identity. These colors are the only colors to be used on publications, materials, and the website. Within this palette, specific sub-palettes have and will be drawn out to distinguish Hamline's five schools.

    Tints of these colors, as well as black and white, are also acceptable.

    Please use the exact PMS colors (for print) or hex colors (for web) and avoid trying to match colors based on what you see on a computer screen or office printer. The appearance of the colors will vary widely on different media; using the PMS and hex colors will control accuracy.

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    Matching Hamline University Burgundy in Print  

    PMS 201 coated is the specified university burgundy color.

    Printing on uncoated stock  

    When printing on uncoated stock, the burgundy must be specified to use the Hamline special mix. This mix can be ordered from Preferred Ink Products, 651‑777‑8991, using this description: Superior Elite Special 201cRedTKMN11646.

    Printing 4-color on press

    When printing 4-color separations, the burgundy should match PMS 201 coated. See below for the CMYK break.

    CMYK breaks for 4-color on uncoated stock:

    (sample stock: Domtar Solutions recycled white):
    Litho press — 0C 100M 68Y 28K
    UV press — 0C 100M 73Y 31K
    Digital press — calibrate to match PMS 201 coated

    CMYK breaks for 4-color on coated stock:

    Litho press — 7C 100M 65Y 32K
    UV press — match PMS 201 coated
    Digital press — calibrate to match PMS 201 coated