• Preferred Vendors

    The Preferred Print and Design Vendor policy is designed to offer the university's collective business to a limited pool of vendors in order to achieve lower costs, greater efficiency, and higher quality. Since then, a committee comprised of representatives from all areas of the university and led by Marketing and Creative Services meets annually to select the group of printers and freelance graphic designers that the university will work with that fiscal year.


    The specifics of the Preferred Print and Design Vendor policy include:

    1. All departments use the list of preferred outside printing and design vendors as approved by the President’s Staff. Marketing Communications may also be used to perform design services and to select and coordinate printing vendors. 
    2. The preferred vendor list will be reviewed by Marketing Communications. Problems with vendors on the list should be brought to the attention of Marketing Communications. If necessary, new print vendors may be added to or removed from the list during the year. 
    3. All exceptions to the preferred vendor list need to be approved by Marketing Communications before a vendor’s services are engaged. 
    4. Marketing Communications and Finance will review expenses annually to ensure compliance.

    Hamline offices or departments wishing to view the list or become involved in the selection process should contact mcs@hamline.edu or 651-523-2010.