• Logo

    Hamline University's logo should be used on all Hamline publications, websites and e-communications, and materials. Only the original electronic files from Hamline (available at the Media Library) should be used; the logo should never be recreated or altered. This logo replaces all previous Hamline University wordmarks and logos; but does not replace the university seal and athletic logo.


    University versions

    Two versions exist: a horizontal and vertical version. You may use either logo depending on the piece; in general, the horizontal version is best for web and electronic usage and the vertical version works best on print publications.

        vertical horizontal  

    School versions

    School-specific versions of the logo also exist, and should be used accordingly on school-specific materials. In cases where multiple schools are involved, the university-level version of the logo should be used. The official electronic files must be used and school names or other names may not be written in below the logo.

    These logos are the only specific versions that may be used. Offices and departments should use the university or school-specific logo as appropriate.


    College of Liberal Arts

    cla_v cla_h 

    School of Business

    hsb_v hsb_h

    School of Education

     hse_v hse_h

    School of Law

    law_v law_h 

    Graduate School of Liberal Studies

    gls_v gls_h



    The logo cannot be altered in any way. The graphic element cannot be used alone and must always exist alongside "Hamline University."


    vertical  hsb_h


    structure_wrong1 structure_wrong2 structure_wrong3 structure_wrong4 structure_wrong6 structure_wrong5


    The logo looks best when used at a size appropriate for the medium it is on. For brochures and other publications that will be viewed by holding in hand, the recommended size for the vertical logo is 1 inch wide and the recommended size for the horizontal logo is 2.5 inches wide. This is also true for the school versions of the logos.

    Recommended size (for brochures and other hand-held publications)



    size_recv size_rech

    Because the words in the logo can be difficult to read when the logo is small, the minimum recommended sizes are 5/8 inches wide for the vertical and 1.75 inches wide for the horizontal.

    Minimum recommended size (for all uses)

    size_minv size_minh

    On posters, signage, and other media meant to be viewed from a distance, a larger size of logo is recommended.


    In order to protect the integrity of the Hamline logo, white space needs to be maintained around the logo's perimeter. Under no circumstances should any text or graphic intersect or be placed immediately adjacent to the Hamline logo.

    No matter what size you're using the logo, leave at least a space around the logo equal to the height of two "H's" in "Hamline." The preferred amount of space is at least 1/2 inch all the way around, but the 2H-height is the minimum allowable space.



    Departments, offices, centers, etc. should not combine their name with the Hamline logo in an attempt to create their own logo.

    spacing_wrong1 spacing_wrong2 


    The logo should appear in burgundy, black, or white (if reversed out on a colored background). The logo is always used in one color at a time, i.e. all elements of the logo must be the same color.



      vertical     color_correct2        color_correct3  

    color_correct4  hse_h


    color_wrong1 color_wrong3color_wrong2