Stay at Home Order in Effect

April 07, 2020

Governor Tim Walz has asked all Minnesotans to #StayHomeMN until Friday, April 10.

For the latest information on Hamline's response, click here.

  • Project Request Form

    How we work

    Once a project request is received, a timeline is created for the project and it’s assigned to a team member. You’ll be given a chance to review your project before it’s finalized and/or sent to print.

    The team creates its best work and design publications that best meet its partner's goals when:

    • The project process is started with complete and final copycopy that has been approved by everyone who needs to see it.
    • Clear goals are indicated.
    • Enough time to design, proof, review, and print the project is provided.
    • The quantity and budget are known from the beginning.

    Project Request Form

    Follow the link below for our project request form. We will follow up to finalize due dates and get any further details/clarification necessary to complete your project.

    Submit Project Request

    For staff and faculty bio updates, please submit a project request form. Please look at our overview of staff/faculty profiles here for information on what fields our department can update. 

    For image and logo requests, please visit the Google folder of downloadable logos. The shared folder has both Hamline University logos and logos created for schools at Hamline. If the Google folder does not have what you need, complete the project request form for an image & logo request.

    For Inside Hamline, events, and digital signage (TV screens around campus)
    visit the Inside Hamline page.

    If you have any questions about this form, please contact Marketing and Communications at mcs@hamline.edu