• Project Request Form

    Project Timelines

    Due to evolving university priorities and personnel changes, the work of the marketing team is shifting. As a result, we've made the following changes to the lead time and requirements for project submissions.

    Print and design projects:

    • Six–eight weeks with additional time for printing and delivery.

    Website projects:

    The web team will determine the complexity and provide an estimate after project submission. 

    • Quick requests - 1-3 days
    • Standard tasks - 1-2 weeks
    • Complex projects - 4-6 weeks

    Email elements:

    • Three-four weeks (initial copy and direction are due at the outset of the project)
    • Provided as Mailchimp template OR email text and banner

    Faculty and staff bios:

    • Faculty and staff bios will be updated once per month. Requests received by the 15th of the month will be updated by the 15th of the following month.

    Existing Image/Logo requests:

    • One week

    Digital Signage:

    • One week

    Photography and Videography:

    • The marketing team is only able to fulfill select photography or videography requests. Please contact your President Staff level leader with these requests and they can connect with marketing to evaluate. We will also be happy to supply you with referrals.
    • Faculty and staff photos will be self-service. Please follow the guidelines below when selecting a photo for your staff profile:
      • Photos must be horizontal
      • Subjects should be shown from the shoulders up
      • The photo should be taken by someone other than the subject

    Other Resources

    Before submitting a project request, please read below as it may not be necessary for you to do so.

    Visit our resources page for ready-to-go items like branded PowerPoint slides, digital stationery, and brand guidelines.

    For staff and faculty bio updates, please submit a project request form. Look at our overview of staff/faculty profiles for information on what fields our department can update. Please follow the bio and photo guidelines below:
    Bio parameters:

    • Aim for 100–300 words
    • Faculty bio pages include the following sections: bio, teaching style, publications, additional links

    Photo parameters:

    • Please submit horizontal photos
    • Submit a photo that shows you from the shoulders up
    • The photo should be taken by someone other than the subject 

    For image and logo requests, please visit the Google folder of downloadable logos. The shared folder has both Hamline University logos and logos created for schools at Hamline. If the Google folder does not have what you need, complete the project request form for an image or logo request. 

    Please also note our logos policy: The marketing team provides general Hamline logos and logos for departments, centers, schools, and offices. All logos are created using pre-determined templates according to brand standards and therefore, we do not accept custom logo requests. Logos outside of these parameters, including logos for products (such as Canvas or Workday) will not be created.

    For Inside Hamline and events
    visit the Inside Hamline page.

    Project Request Form

    Preparing for a project

    In order for projects to be completed in the most efficient manner, the marketing team requires that all information pertaining to your project is submitted at once. For example, if you are planning to edit several web pages, but only have your edits to one of them ready, we ask that you wait to submit a project request until you have all of your changes ready for submission.

    Additionally, changes cannot be sent into the marketing team from multiple sources (i.e. forwarded emails from multiple recipients). The project requester must distill edits and guidance into one source of truth. If edits are not received in this manner, the marketing team will ask for them to be resubmitted. This may result in an extension of the project timeline.

    Projects will not start until all required items have been received. If items required for a project are received later than expected, this will result in an extension of the project timeline or the rescheduling of a project.

    Follow the link below for our project request form. We will follow up to finalize due dates and get any further details/clarification necessary to complete your project.

    Submit Project Request 

    Submit Digital Signage Request

    Contact us at mcs@hamline.edu