• Marketing Resources

    Please find a listing of marketing resources below, organized in alphabetical order.

  • Announcements: Inside Hamline and Events

    Events can be posted to the university events calendar and announcements can be included in the Inside Hamline e-newsletter and considered for inclusion on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram feeds. Submit your request here. In addition, events can be advertised on digital signage (monitors at various locations around campus).

    Brand and Style

    The brand guide provides visual identity guidelines that all Hamline publications—print and digital—are required to follow. The guidelines help convey Hamline’s personal, welcoming nature and commitment to innovation in education. Providing a clear, consistent message helps Hamline’s identity become more well known and increases its reputation in the marketplace.

    Download Hamline's brand guide.

    While brand addresses the visual identity, Hamline style is the set of grammar and editorial conventions all Hamline publications—print or electronic—are required to follow for clarity and consistency. It is based on the Chicago Manual of Style.

    Business cards

    To order business cards, please visit Hamline's online ordering site (for staff and faculty only). Start by setting up an account using your email address and choosing a password. Then, select from the menu items on the left to begin placing your order. Business cards may be ordered at any time throughout the year.

    Awards and Recognitions Template

    To access the template to create an award or recognition, please click here for a template in Google Slides and follow the instructions below.

    • Once you have opened the template in Google Slides, click on the “file” menu and then click “make a copy.” This will allow you to make changes to the template in the new slideshow that will open. 
    • Next, click on the template to edit the various text fields. For example, the field for the recipient’s name and the award date are both editable text fields. 
    •  Once you have all the text fields updated, you can print your certificate in two ways. 
      • Step 1: Click on the “file” menu, scroll down to “download as,” and click on “PDF.” Your certificate should download as a PDF file. If you can’t find the file, please check your downloads folder. 
      • Step 2: Now, you can either send the file to PiperXpress OR you can print the certificate it yourself.

    If you need a certificate to recognize the completion of a credit-bearing academic certificate program (e.g., paralegal certificate, TEFL certificate), please contact mcs@hamline.edu for access to our self-serve portal.

    Requests for additions to the portal and new login requests must be made two weeks in advance of when you need the certificate in hand.

    Digital Signage

    Digital signage (TV screens around campus) is a way for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to learn about the latest news and events. Request digital signage here.

    Email Promotion Guide

    The email promotion guide provides you with brand basics, tips on sending an email people will love to receive, and a handy tool-kit with resources you can use right away.

    Email Signature

    Google Form Imagery

    Hamline-branded imagery for use on Google Forms can be accessed here. To place the image in your Google form:

    • Download the image from the options provided. 
    • In the upper right-hand corner of the edit screen for your form, click on the painter’s tray icon for “theme options.” 
    •  The theme options menu will open. Under this menu, click the “choose image” button. 
    •  This will open a new window. In the new window, click on “upload.” In this screen, you can either drag your photo from the folder where it was downloaded, or you can click “browse” to find the file on your computer. 
    •  The photo you chose will appear. Click “Done.” 
    •  The photo will now appear on the form you are editing.

    Google Site Brand Guide

    Use the Google site brand guide to be sure your site is branded properly. Get specifics on what colors to use, how to use the Hamline logo, etc.

    Holiday Greetings

    Each year, customizable Hamline holiday greeting cards with envelopes are available for order during November and are printed in early December. The cost is $1.25–$1.50 each.


    The logo and “Hamline University” should always appear together and be incorporated into all print and digital pieces. Logos must always follow brand standards; reference the brand guide or brand mini-guide for correct usage.

    There are three formats.

    Hamline Logo Horizontal Shield
    Condensed horizontal
    Hamline Logo Condensed Side

    Hamline Logo Stacked 2

    Only original electronic files should be used. Download them here.

    The Piper and interlocking HU may only be used by official university channels (such as the athletics department) and cannot be used without prior written permission. To request permission, email mcs@hamline.edu.

     Piper logo HU logo


    Download the current campus map.

    Need to provide specifics directions to someone? Download a map with an editable panel to share directions to specific campus locations. 

    Media and Community Relations

    The Office of Communications seeks to raise the reputation of Hamline University. We do that through internal communications, social media, traditional media outreach and community relations. We are here to help. Somebut not all—of what we can assist you with is listed below. Please reach out with questions and of course, tell us any news that we can share!

    • Media and public speaking training
    • Interview preparation
    • Communications outreach planning 
    • Social media guidance
    • Assistance in crafting high-priority and/or sensitive communications
    • Community engagement planning and implementation

    Contact information: mediarelations@hamline.edu

    Media Opt-Out Form

    Any Hamline University students, faculty, staff, and visitors who do NOT want any image, photograph, and or audio or video presence captured of them by Hamline University in a non-public setting to be used by Hamline University for communications, marketing, or publicity purposes must complete a Media Opt-Out Form.

    Name Badges

    Temporary name tags
    To order temporary (adhesive) name tags, please visit Hamline's online ordering site (for staff and faculty only).

    Start by setting up an account using your email address and choosing a password. Then, select from the menu items on the left to begin placing your order.

    Permanent name badges
    For permanent name badges send an email with Name, Title (optional) and account billing codes to kstalboerger01@hamline.edu.

    If you have questions or need assistance in ordering these products, please contact the creative team at mcs@hamline.edu

    All products ordered will be delivered to Mail Services and distributed via the campus mail system to your mailstop or box.

    Photography: Optimizing for Print

    If you’re working with marketing on a print project or are planning to request our services, any photos you submit to us will need to follow certain guidelines to ensure they print out clearly. Visit this page, which outlines these guidelines and provides tips on how to send us photos with the best image quality.

    Presentation Templates

    Download a branded presentation template.

    Standard (4:3 ratio)
    4:3 PowerPoint
    4:3 Google Slides 1
    4:3 Google Slides 2

    Widescreen (16:9 ratio)
    16:9 PowerPoint
    16:9 Google Slides 1
    16:9 Google Slides 2

    Project Requests

    If you’d like to request assistance with a project from marketing and communications, use the project request form below. The department assists with the following types of projects:

    Staff/faculty profile

    Prior to submitting a staff/faculty profile request please review the overview document for what marketing and communications can update and what will need to be updated with other departments.

    Submit project request 

    Social Media Best Practices

    Looking for guidance on social media use? Visit this page for basic guidelines and information on university accounts.


    Printed Stationery
    To order a supply of printed letterhead, envelopes, and cards, visit Hamline's online ordering site to place an order. 

    Digital Stationery
    Take advantage of traditional letterhead. The customized version allows you to include your department and mailstop.
    General Google | Customized Google | General Word | Customized Word

    Take advantage of we take the lead letterhead. Again, the customized version allows you to include your department and mailstop.
    General Google | Customized Google | General Word | Customized Word

    Web Training

    Marketing and communications is responsible for training web editors from across the university in Ektron, Hamline’s web content management system. Sign up to attend a basic web training session here.

    Zoom Backgrounds

    Hamline-branded imagery for use on the Zoom platform can be downloaded via Google drive. Please note that you must be logged into your Hamline email account to access these files. To place the image as your background:

    1. Download the image you’d like to use. Please note that you must be logged into your Hamline email account to access these files. 
    2. Open the Zoom platform.
    3. Click on the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner.
    4. Click “background and filters”. 
    5. Make sure you have “virtual backgrounds” selected rather than “video filters”.
    6. Click on the “+” icon, then choose “add image”. 
    7. Navigate to the downloaded image from step 1 and select the image, then choose “open”. 
    8. The image will appear behind you. 

    NOTE: The background image will appear as if it is backwards. Zoom flips the image so that it will appear correctly to your meeting attendees.