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    Piperline is the information system that provides students, Staff and Faculty with updated personal, confidential information through a secure online interface. A personal password (PIN) provides access to the secure area in which students can check their grades, register for classes, view class schedules, access their student account information, view Hamline computer accounts, etc. Staff can see information about their employee records and Faculty can submit grades, view class rosters, and contact students.

    Other Resources you can find in Piperline are Class Schedule, Catalogs, Financial Aid, Parking Permits, PiperBabble, The Workshop @ Hamline, University Directory, Class rosters, payroll information, time sheets, tax forms, benefits and deductions. 

    How to Connect to the Piperline

    Log in to Piperline (https://piperline.hamline.edu ) using your Hamline ID number and PIN.  You may also access Piperline from the "Logins" area, in the top right corner of any Hamline site. 

    Knowing Your Piperline Pin

    Newly-admitted students receive their Piperline PIN and information on how to use Piperline by mail. If you did not get your PIN, contact the Student Administrative Services Office at 651-523-3000. If you do not remember your PIN or need help resetting it, contact the Central Service Desk at 651-523-2220 or its-service@hamline.edu.

    New employees receive their Piperline PIN information in two automated emails. If you did not get your PIN or need help resetting it, contact the office of Human Resources at 651-523-2210 or the Registrar's Office.

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