• Off-Campus Access

    Many of the same services that you access on-campus are also available off-campus through an online interface. Most of these services can be accessed via the "Logins" link on the main Hamline website (http://www.hamline.edu), right below the uppermost navigation bar.

  • Piperline -

    Piperline gives Hamline students, faculty, and staff access to various information, including class schedules, grades, benefits information, list subscription information, access to view Hamline account information, reset passwords, and much more.

    Google mail -  

    Hamline University web access to Google Apps email system.  

    FileAccess -

    It provides access to the "I" and "U" drives for faculty and staff, and students' data storage space.

    Bush Library (databases & E-Books) -

    Access the library databases to find books and articles from off-campus.

    Secure Global Desktop (Available primarily to staff)-

    Secure Global Desktop (formerly Tarantella) provides access to a virtual desktop on campus through a web browser. Licensing is limited for this application, so permission first must be granted through the Network Administrator. This gives access to Microsoft Office Products, as well as access to "I" and "U" drives. Go to connecting to your webtop for the first time (Google) to review secure global desktop How-to.

    Need more help? Please contact the Help Desk by email or by phone at 651-523.2220