• Current Initiatives & Accomplishments

    Hamline University Staff Association Executive Committee

    Identification of 2017-2018 Initiatives is in progress. Stay tuned.

    Initiatives for 2016-2017

    As in previous years, HUSA's planned activities are based on feedback submitted via the previous spring's All-Staff Survey, concerns identified via other means such as in-person conversations or comments submitted via HUSA's website, and discussions within the Executive Committee about developments on campus. A tentative list of staff concerns to be addressed was previously presented both to President Miller and to the staff at the Fall 2016 All-Staff Meeting. Based on those concerns, the following goals and activities were identified for the 2016-17 year.

    Campus Climate and Work Environment

    HUSA advocates for a significant investment toward the continuous improvement of campus climate, work environment, and employee morale.

    •  A commitment of resources to diversity, equity, and inclusivity [Links to HU Strategic Plan: Strategic Direction 2]
      • HUSA has partnered with Staff Development Diversity Initiative (SDDI) on various initiatives such as the Festival of Lights in December. HUSA and SDDI members have been active participants in the reading circles.
      • HUSA gets regular updates from the HUSA elected representative on the SDDI committee.
    •  Promotion of transparency and accountability across campus
      • Updates on staff comings and goings - as reported by Administrative Cabinet, HR, CLA Dean’s Office, Finance, and other areas - are being reported out to staff via the HUSA update.
      • Marketing and Creative Services facilitated a branding exercise to include the staff voice at the February Mid-Year Update.
    •  Effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders [Links to HU Strategic Plan: Initiative 1.4.B]
      • HUSA provides monthly email updates and encourages staff engagement. 
      • HUSA invites university leadership to speak to the Executive Committee, and summarizes these discussions for staff. Updates have come from CLA Interim Dean, Finance, Human Resources, and ITS.
      • HUSA Executive Committee members offered weekly opportunities for staff to meet during discounted Wednesday lunches at the Anderson Center.

    Human Resources

    HUSA is engaged in the establishment of a sustainable Human Resources department that effectively addresses the needs of Hamline University staff.

    •  A consistent, equitable process for providing performance reviews on a regular basis 
      • A working group collaborated with HR on updating the performance review.
        • Spring 2017: implementation of existing form with slight revisions, to ensure that reviews are completed in a timely fashion.
        • 2017-18: fuller revision to form/process with staff input.   
    •  An accessible, centralized collection of employee policies and procedures 
    •  Accessible and accurate position descriptions and organizational charts 

    investment and retention

    HUSA seeks to be involved in the strategic plans that impact recruitment and retention of a competitive University workforce.

    •  Diversity, equity, and inclusivity in hiring and retention [Links to HU Strategic Plan: Initiative 2.1.A]
    •  Salary and benefits [Links to HU Strategic Plan: Initiative 4.5.A]
      • HUSA Executive Committee officers communicated the need for a salary raise to President Miller and she expressed her commitment to provide this as soon as is feasible.
      • Merit raises are schedule for December 2017.
    • Professional development [Links to HU Strategic Plan: Initiative 4.5.B]
      • HUSA held two professional development sessions in fall 2016, and one more session in spring 2017.