• HUSA Constitution and By-Laws

    Printable version of the HUSA Constitution

    Article I: Name

    The name of the organization shall be the HAMLINE UNIVERSITY STAFF ASSOCIATION, hereinafter referred to as HUSA. 

    Article II: Vision and Mission

    The staff of Hamline University strives for excellence in service to the University's students, faculty, fellow staff members, and the community at large. The staff plays an essential role in supporting the University’s mission of creating “a diverse and collaborative community of learners dedicated to the development of students’ knowledge, values, and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship, and service.”

    The mission of the Hamline University Staff Association is to improve the work environment and represent the interests and concerns of staff in the overall governance structure of the University.

    Therefore, HUSA serves to enhance work performance by building community in the following ways:

    1. Facilitating staff input and feedback in University policies.
    2. Providing a voice of advocacy for staff interests.
    3. Encouraging communication among staff, administration, faculty and students.
    4. Promoting professional development opportunities for all staff members.
    5. Maintaining a commitment to diversity.
    6. Providing support to all staff working toward an inclusive environment free of all forms of harassment and oppression. 

    Article III: Membership 

    HUSA membership includes Hamline University non-faculty staff (full-time and part-time, exempt and non-exempt, union and nonunion) who are not Hamline "student employees."

    Article IV: Executive Committee 

    SECTION 1 – membership, OFFICERS AND TERMS

    The Executive Committee (EC) of HUSA shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, President Emeritus, Secretary Emeritus, Treasurer Emeritus and at least ten additional representatives. All attempts shall be made to maintain equal representation of exempt and non-exempt staff across University divisions and areas on this committee. Individuals need to serve at least six months as a representative before they can be appointed to the Vice President executive position. The President Emeritus, Secretary Emeritus and Treasurer Emeritus are Ex-Officio members and are non-voting members. 

    All terms shall begin July 1 and follow the fiscal calendar, therefore expiring June 30 of the appropriate year. Terms of each office are:

       1 year: President Emeritus, Secretary Emeritus,  Treasurer Emeritus  
       1 to 2 years: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer
       2 to 3 years: Representative 

    •  Representatives may serve more than one term consecutively.  
    •  Representatives will have the option of renewing their position for an additional third year. Representatives wishing to renew their position for a third year must notify the HUSA president by the first HUSA meeting of the spring term following their second year appointment. A Vice President with only one year remaining on their representative term will automatically have that term extended for one year without having to stand for general election.


    1. All Executive Committee members shall:  
      1. Attend all regular and special Executive Committee meetings.
      2.   Provide regular communication regarding HUSA activities with University staff within her/his area and job classification. 
      3. Bring issues raised by or regarding staff to Executive Committee meetings as they occur. 
      4. Encourage staff to serve on the Executive Committee. 
      5. Participate in welcoming new staff members into the Hamline University community.   
      6. Provide representation at University open forums, meetings, and other duties/activities as assigned. 
    2. HUSA Officers shall, in addition to the above: 
      1. Meet as a group outside of the Executive Committee meeting as necessary.  
      2. Have access to the HUSA email account, Google Drive, and shared drive. The President shall be responsible for managing access. 
    3.   The President shall: 
      1.  Call and conduct meetings of the Executive Committee. 
      2.  Set the agenda for these meetings in consultation with other members of the Executive Committee. 
      3.  Represent HUSA to the University Administration, or designate an alternate. 
      4.  Maintain the HUSA email account and distribute all-staff emails. 
      5. Serve on Campus Planning Committee and liaise with the Faculty Council. 
      6.  Serve on the Elections HUSA subcommittee.
    4. The Vice President shall: 
      1. Fulfill the duties of the president in their absence. 
      2. Serve on Administrative Cabinet as HUSA Representative. 
      3. Serve as the President when the President vacates the role (either due to term expiration or another reason detailed under Section 6 - Vacancies). The Vice President may decline to serve as President. In this event, the hold an election.
      4. Serve on Services to Staff HUSA subcommittee. 
    5. The Secretary shall: 
      1. Schedule meetings of the Executive Committee. 
      2. Record and distribute minutes of all Executive Committee meetings to each member of the Executive Committee. 
      3. Distribute all-staff emails as necessary (with assistance from Communications subcommittee).
      4. Compile and distribute all Executive Committee agendas. 
      5. Record attendance of HUSA representatives. 
      6. Manage HUSA website including posting of HUSA meeting times and locations (with assistance from Communications subcommittee). 
      7. Serve on the HUSA Communications subcommittee.   
    6. The Treasurer shall: 
      1. Serve as the custodian of funds, accounts, and financial records of HUSA, including any collection and disbursement of funds.
      2. Maintain the budget online and coordinate reimbursements.
      3. Serve on the HUSA Events subcommittee and work closely with other subcommittees regarding finances.
    7. Representatives shall: 
      1. Represent their departments and the staff in general. 
      2. Serve as a liaison for divisions that aren’t represented. 
      3. Recruit members. 
      4. Serve on University standing committees, HUSA subcommittees, or other committees where membership would be beneficial to staff and the University. 
    8.  President Emeritus, Secretary Emeritus and Treasurer Emeritus shall:
      1. Serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee to provide continuity in the operation of HUSA with no voting capacity. 


    1. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month to receive reports from members serving on current university-wide committees (see Current University-Wide Committees) and to discuss issues affecting staff. Committees include, Administrative Cabinet, Benefits Advisory, Diversity Initiatives Steering Committee (DISC), Staff Diversity Development Initiative (SDDI) Committee, Campus Planning Committee, and other committees as appropriate. 
    2. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at a time and place designated by the President. 
    3. Notice of all Executive Committee meetings shall be posted prior to the meeting on the HUSA Google account/site/calendar, a link to which will be posted to the HU website. 
    4. All agenda items shall be submitted to the President. 
    5. Each member of the Executive Committee shall receive a copy of the Executive Committee meeting agenda prior to the meeting. 
    6. The Executive Committee will open all regular EC meetings to the full HUSA membership. 
    7. Any HUSA member may request and receive Executive Committee minutes from the Secretary. 
    8. Any member of the Hamline community may bring agenda items to HUSA. In certain cases, agenda items may be delegated to an appropriate HUSA subcommittee. 
    9. The President or Vice President may call a special meeting of the Executive Committee at any time. 
    10. The Officers of the HUSA Executive Committee will meet as deemed necessary for discussion only, no votes taken. To ensure transparency, the HUSA executive officers will share a synopsis of their meetings with the Executive Committee.  
    11. The Executive Committee shall call at least two all-staff meetings per year for all HUSA members (one fall, one spring).


    1. The Elections subcommittee shall coordinate annual elections for all vacancies among representatives.
      1. Eligible candidates must be Hamline employees for at least the previous six consecutive months prior to the election date. 
      2. Individuals can self nominate.  
      3. In the absence of self-nominated candidates, the Executive Committee may nominate candidates for the all-staff election. In this case, nominees shall be notified of their nomination and be given five working days to accept their nomination. 
      4. Elections for representatives shall be conducted no less than 4 weeks prior to Spring Commencement. 
      5. Representative candidates are elected by receiving the highest number of votes from an all-staff election. 
      6. The Elections subcommittee will coordinate recruitment of candidates and all election logistics in collaboration with the President, including soliciting candidate bios and counting votes.  
      7. Elected representatives shall be notified of the results of the election within 10 working days after the election. 
      8. The Elections subcommittee will retain election data for at least twelve months after the all-staff election.      
    2. HUSA Officers will be elected by a vote of the Executive Committee.
      1. The President will coordinate the election of HUSA Officers. 
      2. Candidates for the officer positions must currently be a member of the Executive Committee and ideally will have a minimum of six months experience on the Committee.  
      3. Individuals can self-nominate.  
      4. The Executive Committee will elect the HUSA Officers. 
      5. The Executive Committee will notify elected officers within five business dates of the vote.  
      6. In case of a tie in the election of HUSA Officers, the Executive Committee will facilitate a runoff vote. A candidate may withdraw their name from the runoff ballot. If only one person remains on the ballot, the person on the ballot shall be declared elected.                 
    3. No member may hold more than one elected office at a time on the HUSA Executive Committee.
    4. Officers and representatives shall assume their duties on the first day of July following their election and shall be introduced at the first Executive Committee meeting following the election. 


    1. Issues that affect only the workings of the EC require a quorum and a single majority vote. A quorum equals 50% plus one.   
    2. Issues that affect the membership at large require the call for an all-staff vote and a simple majority among votes cast.


    1. Vacancies occur when an officer or a representative:
      1. Terminates employment at Hamline University. 
      2. Changes employment classification (i.e. becomes faculty). 
      3. Gives notice in writing to the President or Vice President. 
      4. Fails to attend at least 50 percent of the meetings of the Executive Committee called in any four-month period, without good reason. The President and Vice President shall conduct a biannual review of Executive Committee attendance. 
      5. Fails to perform the duties of the office, after a review and vote by the Executive Committee. 
    2. To fill vacant positions, the Executive Committee will appoint the first runner up from the previous election to serve the remainder of the vacant term. 
    3. If the first runner up is not available, the Executive Committee will offer the position to the previous year's candidates in the order of most to least votes received.
    4. If no runner's up are available, the EC will select new representatives via a procedure to be decided by the Executive Committee and documented in the meeting minutes.
    5. If the remainder of the terms is less than 6 months, the Representative will serve the remainder of the vacant term plus one year.
    6. Representatives selected as alternates via an all-staff vote have the option to extend their term for an additional year. Representatives selected as alternates via an EC vote must stand for election by all staff to ext5end their term beyond the period identified in item E.
    7. The replacement Representative will fulfill the prior Representative’s committee assignments. 


    1. The text of the Constitution and Bylaws shall be published on the HUSA website and made available in hard copy for members of the campus community upon request. 
    2. The Executive Committee will post meeting minutes on the HUSA website within two weeks of minutes approval.

    Article V: Committees, Representatives and other Organizations 

    SECTION 1 – HUSA STANDING subcommittees

    1. Subcommittees shall be chaired by a member of the Executive Committee for a term of one year. Subcommittee chairs shall be decided within the first three subcommittee meetings of the fiscal year.  
    2. All subcommittee Chairs shall give reports to the Executive Committee as needed. 
    3. There are four standing subcommittees:
      1. Elections Subcommittee. Oversees the annual nomination and election process; coordinates all-staff elections for university-wide standing committees, as well as other all-staff votes. 
      2. Services for Staff Subcommittee. Advocates for the development of staff services in areas such as benefits and employee orientation; partners with university units on professional development and community building. 
      3. Communications Subcommittee. Facilitates cross-university communication and publicity; supports the Secretary in the distillation of Executive Committee meeting notes into public minutes.  
      4. Events Subcommittee. Organizes logistics of all-staff meetings, periodic updates, and HUSA-sponsored gatherings.         
    4. All subcommittees shall document their activities and processes for future Executive Committee reference on an annual basis. For the reference of future subcommittee members, each subcommittee shall provide a brief overview of the subcommittee’s work that year and an updated summary of any subcommittee processes to the HUSA Secretary by June 30.


    1. Members of the Executive Committee will create ad hoc subcommittees as needed. Ad hoc subcommittees may be comprised of a mix of campus staff and members of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee members will chair ad hoc subcommittees.  
    2. The HUSA President and Vice President will appoint Executive Committee members to chair ad hoc committees. 
    3. All ad hoc committee chairs shall report to the Executive Committee.  
    4. Ad hoc committees will disband after completion of stated goals.   

    Article VI: Amendment of the Constitution and ByLaws

    1. The Constitution and Bylaws shall be reviewed annually at a minimum.
    2. This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

    Amended and approved by Hamline University Staff Association Executive Committee, August 2017.