• Spectrum

    Spectrum is dedicated to creating an awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual issues. Spectrum supports its members and educates the Hamline University community through forums, discussions, workshops, speakers and social events including Coming Out Week (fall) and series of events through out the spring semester.

    Spectrum Meetings

    Spring 2017

    • Tuesday, February 7, 4-5pm, GLC 110W.
    • Tuesday, February 21, 4-5pm, GLC 110W.
    • Tuesday, March 7, 4-5pm, GLC 110W.
    • Tuesday, March 28, 4-5pm, GLC 110W.
    • Tuesday, April 11, 4-5pm, GLC 110W - in partnership with IEW week
    • Tuesday, April 25, 4-5pm, GLC 110W.
    • Tuesday, May 9, 4-5pm, GLC 110W.


    Chris Holmes
    Email: cholmes06@hamline.edu

    Erin Kinney
    Email: ekinney02@hamline.edu  

    Kate Knickerbocker
    Email:  kknickerbocker01@hamline.edu

    Ann Liembach
    Email: aleimbach01@hamline.edu 

    K McClendon
    Email: kmcclendon01@hamline.edu

    Click here to read the Spectrum Constitution.


    t. aaron hans
    Email: tahans@hamline.edu
    Sexualities and Gender Diversity Initiatives - www.hamline.edu/lgbtqia