• Levels of Engagement and Point Accumulation

    Level 1 (10 Points)

    Engagement Through Attendance

    Engagement at this level provides staff opportunities to listen, reflect, ask questions and learn with and from the experiences of others surrounding issues of diversity and inclusion.

    Examples Include:

    • This Is My Story

    • On-Campus Speakers 

    • Panel Discussions 

    • University Commemoration for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

    • Movie/ Documentary Presentations

    • Rainbow Inclusion Network (Sexualities & Gender Diversity LGBTQIA) Follow-Up Educational Programs

    • NCORE Network programming

    • Creative Cultural Programming


    Level 2 (15 Points)

    Engagement Through Active Participation

    Engagement at this level provides staff opportunities for in-depth dialogue, reflection and interactive experiences surrounding issues of diversity and inclusion.

    Examples Include:

    • Sexualities & Gender Diversity Training Series (4 - 2 hour workshops)

    • Book Club Discussions/ Reading Groups

    • NCORE Network Annual Mini-Conference (January all-day event)

    • Intercultural Development Inventory Initiative


    Level 3  (15 Points)

    Engagement Through Assistance and Service

    Engagement at this provide staff opportunities to assist with the development of policies, procedures and programs that other staff in developing diversity awareness, knowledge, skills or that helps Hamline University live its diversity mission.

    Examples Include:

    • Participation in Diversity Committees (e.g., Diversity Integration Steering Committee, Student Affairs Diversity Committee, etc.)

    • Assistance in the development of university diversity initiatives (e.g., event coordination, serving as a panelist, discussion leader)

    • Community Service/ Volunteering Opportunities (e.g., Hamline Big Buddy/ Tutoring)

    • Participation in formal mentoring opportunities


    Level 4 (20 Points)

    Engagement Through Leadership

    Engagement at this level provides staff opportunities to assume leadership in the creation of on-campus staff diversity initiative or at a regional or national forum.

    Examples Include:

    • Leading an on-campus staff development initiative (e.g. leading/coordinating discussions, workshops, reading circle)

    • Presenting a diversity initiative at an off-campus event (e.g., local, regional or national conference)

    * Staff Member may only achieve Level 4 units twice during a given academic year.



  • events

    July 26
    2 - 3 p.m.

    Join us for our first bi-weekly discussion group exploring a variety of feminist issues. This week's issue is mental health, facilitated by Jenny Roper from Counseling Services.

    Aug. 7
    11:20 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.

    The Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity and Programs is excited to announce our This is My Story Spring 2019 schedule of programs.