• Safe Zone Members & Resource People

    Linked below are members of the Hamline University community who have participated in Safe Zone training and educational activities. Each has consented to have their name added to this list of people who display the Safe Zone sign on campus.

    Individuals displaying the "Safe Zone" symbol pledge to be understanding, supportive, and trustworthy if a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual, or ally student or colleague needs advice, assistance, support or just someone with whom to talk.

    The individuals below are committed to their own and others' education and development of LGBTQIA issues. Homophobic, biphobic and heterosexist, as well as transphobic and gender oppressive comments and actions will not be tolerated, but will be addressed in an educational, informative, and respectful manner. To honor and protect the privacy of community members, conversations and requests for support and/or assistance will be kept confident.