• Rainbow Inclusion Network Logo

    In light of what we learned, from our 2015 program review of our Safe Zone Network, we decided that it is the time to update the name and logo, to shift to be based on the new message and frame of the program, showing that all of Hamline is welcoming and inclusive for LGBTQIA communities.  This will allow us to continue to be building on the excellent history and work of the 10 years of the Safe Zone program.

    In 2015 we introduced our new logo, with a clear statement that says: “Proud to support full LGBTQIA INCLUSION at Hamline University!”

    New Logo 


    Original Logo

    This Space is a Safe Zone

    You will likely continue to see individuals displaying the previous “Safe Zone” sign pledge, stating to be understanding, supportive, and trustworthy if a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex or asexual student or colleague needs advice, assistance, support or just someone with whom to talk. The person displaying this symbol is committed to their own and others’ education and development on LGBTQIA issues. Homophobic, biphobic, and heterosexist, and transphobia and gender oppressive comments and actions will not be tolerated, but will be addressed in an educational, informative, and respectful manner. To honor and protect the privacy of community members, conversations and requests for support and/or assistance will be kept confidential.