• Alternate Format Use Agreement

    I confirm that I have purchased any books provided to me in alternative formats through the Disability Resources Office and that I have the right to use alternate forms of this copyrighted material as an accommodation for a print disability as defined by the Chafee Amendment to the Copyright Act of 1996.

    By accepting this agreement, I affirm that I will be using the alternate format of these textbooks, provided to me by Hamline University and/or by the publisher as an accommodation for a disability, for my personal use only and that I will not reproduce, give, or share the alternative formats of the textbooks specified below with any other individual, group, nonprofit, business, or any other entity. I understand that if I do share these alternate format materials with any unauthorized source, I may be prosecuted for copyright infringement under federal law.


    Student Name (First and Last)



    Questions? Contact Kathy McGillivray at 651-523-2521 or disabilityservices@hamline.edu.