• The Oracle: Constitution

    Article I: Name

    The name of this publication will remain The Oracle.

    Article II: Purpose 

    Our mission is to cover news, trends, events and entertainment relevant to the Hamline community. We strive to make our coverage accurately reflect the diverse communities that comprise the student population. We will serve as an independent, student-run public forum for the campus community. 

    Article III: Membership 

    Section 1: Each undergraduate student currently enrolled at least part-time as a student at Hamline University is eligible to apply for Oracle membership.

    Section 2: Anyone involved with any step in the production of the newspaper shall be considered a member of staff, and will be expected to adhere by the Code of Ethics.

    Article: IV Officers 

    Section 1: The governing executive staff of the newspaper shall be comprised of the editor in chief, managing editor and production manager.

    Section 2: Members of senior staff shall be comprised of all section editors, the executive staff, copy chief, and the Oracle adviser (non-voting member).

    Section 3: The paper will be led by an editor in chief who retains the ultimate responsibility and authority related to the content and direction of the newspaper.

    Section 4: No group or individual on campus – including HUSC, faculty and administrative members of Hamline – will be allowed to determine or preview content before an issue is published unless they are an active member of the Oracle. Likewise, no unaffiliated individual or group may be held liable for any material printed within The Oracle.

    Section 5: As much as possible, The Oracle will remain independent from the university as a whole.

    Article V: Election of Officers

    Section 1: Applicants who wish to be hired as photographers, reporters, columnists, copy editors, web editors and cartoonists must submit an application and sit down for an interview with the editor in chief, managing editor and production manager. They will determine by majority vote which members are hired.

    Section 2: Applicants who wish to be hired as section editors or a member of executive staff must submit an application. The new staff will be hired by the current senior staff. This will be done by a written two-thirds majority vote after all candidates make their cases.

    Article VI: Removal of Staff

    Section 1: Anyone on staff, regardless of their position, may be relieved of their title if they fail to fulfill their duties as a staff member.

    Section 2: Cause for removal of a non-executive-staff member will be brought before the executive board, who will hear from the party in question and all who will testify for or against them.

    Section 3: After the accused has made their case, the executive staff members will discuss whether or not they feel the party in question should remain on staff. Ultimately, the editor in chief will decide and inform the accused.

    Section 4: To remove a member of executive staff, the decision will be put before the senior staff, who will then hold an open vote. The decision will be based on a two-thirds majority.

    Article VII: Meetings 

    Section 1: Weekly meeting times will be determined at the beginning of each year by the executive staff.

    Section 2: Meetings shall be open to the Hamline community.

    Article VIII: Business Management

    Section 1: Advertisements shall be sold by the business/ad manager, or by the executive staff at times when the business/ad manager position is currently unfilled.

    Section 2: Advertisement costs and content regulations shall be determined at the start of each year by the executive staff and business/ad manager.

    Section 3: Advertisement revenue shall be directed into The Oracle fundraising account, which will be used to pay costs not covered by Student Media Board fees.

    Article IX: Adviser 

    Section 1: The Oracle adviser shall serve as a resource for Oracle staff members should they run into questions or difficult situations.

    Section 2: The Oracle adviser shall remain a nonvoting member of the senior staff.

    Article X: Distribution

    Section 1: The Oracle shall be delivered each Tuesday by at least one member of staff. A list of distribution buildings will be created or reviewed at the beginning of each year based off of the previous years’ readership.

    Article XI Ratification 

    Section 1: This document shall be ratified by a majority vote of the senior staff.

    Article XII: Amendment 

    Section 1: Should the need arise, this document may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the senior staff.

    Section 2: Any and all amendments to this document shall be deemed effective immediately once approved by the senior staff.