• The Fulcrum

    The Fulcrum aspires to provide the undergraduate student body of Hamline University with an avenue for artistic expression and professional development. 

    The Fulcrum is the revival of Hamline Art and Literature Review, which ceased publishing in 1993. In the fall of 1995, a group of students petitioned the Humanities Division for money to begin a new journal. With $3,000 the journal was published and distributed in the spring 1996. 

    Last published in 2000, The Fulcrum returned in 2002-2003, invigorated with the energy and talents of a handful of first-year students, transfers, and grizzled veterans of Hamline who once again raised the budget necessary to publish. This edition of The Fulcrum marks the first ever fall publication as well as our debut on the World Wide Web.

    A fulcrum is the support or point of rest on which a lever pivots in moving a body. The goal of The Fulcrum is to have the journal function as an axis for Hamline’s artistic community.

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