• The Fulcrum: Constitution

    Article I: Name

    A. The Fulcrum

    Article II: Purpose

    A. To annually publish online and printed editions of an art and literary journal featuring the works of Hamline students.

    Article III: Staff

    A. Staff membership in The Fulcrum should be open to any Hamline University undergraduate student regardless of age, gender, race, social status, political affiliation, physical/mental impairment, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

    B. An active staff member is any student who contributes to The Fulcrum's publication process.

    C. Staff membership shall not eliminate the possibility of selection for publication.

    Article IV: Editorial Board

    A. The editorial board shall include an editor (president), assistant editors, an associate editor, and someone responsible for layout and design.

    i. Editor

    1. Shall convene and preside over all meetings of the organization and editorial board.

    2. Shall maintain consistent contact between editorial board members to ensure that all are aware of events and activities and shall call editorial board meetings to an end when necessary.

    3. Shall have a primary responsibility for the organization of events and meeting agendas, in addition to future representative duties.

    4. Shall be primary liaison with publishing company and other off-campus businesses.

    ii. Assistant Editors and Associate Editor

    1. The duties for the above positions shall be shared among the Assistant Editors. The Associate Editor, a first- or second-year, shall acquire a working knowledge of the organization and of all duties.

    2. Those duties are divided into the following categories:

    a. Organizational

    i. Shall be the main contact between other student organizations and The Fulcrum.

    ii. Shall provide input and organization of all events and meeting agendas.

    iii. Shall preside over meetings of the organization and editorial board meetings in the absence of the editor.

    b. Financial (these duties will be given each year to a specific assistant editor, called the Editor of Finances)

    i. Shall receive and distribute funds and manage the financial affairs of The Fulcrum.

    ii. Shall provide a monthly report of receipts and payments to the editorial board.

    c. Communications

    i. Shall post the time and place for all meetings to potential and current members.

    ii. Shall maintain email communication between staff members and with Hamline undergraduate students through editorial board-approved postings.

    iii. Shall keep record of meetings and staff membership records.

    Article V: Layout and Design Person

    A. Shall be the one responsible for maintaining the online journal.

    B. Shall play a role in hiring layout design successor.

    C. Shall be most responsible for layout and design of advertisements and of the journal (though editor retains veto power)


    Article VI: Committees

    A. The Art and Literary Committees shall be responsible for evaluating submissions and providing recommendations of what work to include in journal.

    B. Each committee shall consist of at least one Chair and a minimum of four members.

    C. The Committee Chair(s) shall be responsible for ensuring anonymity of submissions.

    Article VII: Succession/Hiring

    A. The succession/hiring of The Fulcrum editorial board members shall occur at the end of the school year and/or at the beginning of the next school year.

    B. Incumbent editorial board members shall decide amongst themselves who will succeed in vacant positions.

    C. Any remaining vacant positions, including Co-Chair positions, shall be open to new applicants.

    i. Any Hamline undergraduate student may apply for vacant positions.

    ii. Incumbent editorial board members shall conduct the interviewing and hiring process.

    Article VIII: Impeachment

    A. All editorial board members shall be subject to removal by impeachment.

    B. A written petition signed by 20% of the membership shall constitute a request for impeachment.

    C. There shall be a general meeting of the body of members, with the editorial board presiding, to discus charges before impeachment is voted on.

    D. Two-thirds of the votes cast by the body, with at least one-fourth the members attending, shall be required to remove an editorial board member.

    Article IX: Ratification of Constitution

    A. A two-thirds vote by the members present at the organizational meeting shall be necessary to ratify the constitution. It shall remain the discretion of the presiding officer to determine the number present accurately represents the body of interested students. If passed, the ratified constitution shall replace the existing one.