• Student Media Board

    The Student Media Board (SMB) oversees and supports all approved Hamline student media organizations: Fulcrum, Her Campus Hamline, HU Radio, Oracle, and Untold Magazine. SMB operates independently of University administration, staff, faculty, student congress, and student body to ensure editorial independence and First Amendment rights of each media organization are upheld. 

    Additionally, SMB performs the following duties:

    • offers feedback to student media organizations on performance, accountability, and purpose;
    • provides a forum for comments and concerns about student media from the student body at large;
    • advocates for student media across all constituencies of the campus community; and
    • approves annual budgets for student media organizations, in accordance with University-levied undergraduate student fees and independently from the Hamline University Student Congress (HUSC) approval process.

    Click here to view the Student Media Board Constitution, approved February 4, 2005 and most recently amended December 10, 2019.

    Board Membership

    SMB comprises two high-level student representatives (such as editor in chief or managing editor) and/or faculty advisor from each student media organization; up to two at-large students per organization; and an ex-officio member from the Dean of Students Office. From the student representatives, a Chairperson and Secretary are elected to serve as officers for one-year terms. SMB hopes to institute an additional officer position of Communications Manager. 

    SMB meets at least once per month during both Fall and Spring semesters.

    2021-2022 Members


    Fulcrum Journal  Her Campus Hamline HU Radio The Oracle  Untold Magazine
    Rep: Emma Harrington Rep Rep Rep Rep: Kimia Kowsari
    Advisor: Mike Reynolds Advisor: Nancy Webber Advisor: Silvester Vicic Advisor: Trevor Maine Advisor: Jen England

    At Large: vacant
    Ex Officio: Patti Klein-Kersten 

    Click here to view the SMB membership history since 2009.

    Student Media at Hamline

    Student media at Hamline University exists to provide students a vehicle for expressing their views on matters of concern and interest. Both as a whole and as individual organizations, student media is governed by and for Hamline students.

    The editorial leadership of each student media organization is free to develop its own editorial policies and to provide news and entertainment coverage at their discretion.* All student media is free from advance approval of copy and censorship by the University. Student media organization editors and/or managers may not be removed from their positions arbitrarily because of student, University employee, or public disapproval of editorial policy or content. 

    *Editorial freedom remains responsible to the canons of ethical journalism, such as seeking accuracy, honesty, and fairness while avoiding libel, undocumented allegations, and harassment (see Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics). 

    Process for Complaints Against Student Media

    Any member of the Hamline community (students, University employees, and alumni) may bring an informal complaint against a student media organization first to an appropriate member of its editorial leadership, such as the editor in chief or managing editor, and then to the faculty advisor. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, only then may a formal complaint be brought to the SMB.

    A formal complaint must be presented in writing and address the following:

    • why the situation remains unresolved; and
    • what outcome(s) is desired.

    SMB will appoint a committee to review and consider the formal complaint. The committee will comprise the faculty advisor of the student media organization in question, two student members not from the organization, and at least one non-SMB faculty member with familiarity in media ethics and law. The decision made by the committee is final and will be reported to the Dean of Students.