Stay at Home Order in Effect

March 29, 2020

Governor Tim Walz has asked all Minnesotans to #StayHomeMN until Friday, April 10. Read the text of his executive order here.

For the latest information on Hamline's response, click here.

  • COVID-19 News and Resources

    The health and safety of the Hamline community is our priority. The Hamline’s Infectious Disease Response Team and leadership across the university are working together in close communication with the Minnesota Department of Health.

    There has not been a confirmed case of COVID-19 on the Hamline campus.

    The situation continues to change rapidly. We will communicate as informed answers become available. Any commitments the university makes in the following areas, or changes to Hamline’s ongoing operations including any shift to online education, will be promptly communicated to our students, staff and faculty.

    For COVID-19 health information please call the Minnesota Department of Health hotline: 651-201-3920


    We ask that all Pipers show appropriate support for any and all members of our community who either contract the virus or who may have a loved one affected by it. Hold true to Hamline’s core value, “do all the good you can” during this time.

    News from the State of Minnesota

    The Governor has issued an order for Minnesotans to stay home beginning midnight on Friday, March 27 through Friday, April 10 at 5 pm. 

    Minnesota Department of Health  Situation Update (3/29/2020)

    Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Executive Orders (3/27/2020)


    News from Hamline University 

    Hamline University is not closing; however, current university operations have been adapted in response to the pandemic.   

    Students who are able to leave the residence halls have been asked to do so. Students who are at home have been asked to stay home. 

    Students who remain housed in our residence halls will continue to receive food services and other student support services. Staff will be on campus to support students and university operations. 

    The campus Subway is closed. Starbucks in the Anderson Center is closed.The dining hall meals are grab and go only. Meals can be picked up Weekdays: 7 am - 6 pm;  Weekends: 11-1 meal pick-up.

    Access to the library and PiperXpress services, and campus buildings has changed. If you need to access a building and it is closed, please contact Hamline Public Safety: 651-523-2100. 

    All scheduled Hamline events where students gather are canceled until further notice.

    Institutional Advancement has set up fund-raising campaigns for the benefit of Hamline students affected by COVID-19. We encourage those who can give, to give to the Student Emergency Grant.



    Academic Updates

    It is currently spring break. Classes will resume on Wednesday, April 1. 

    Beginning Wednesday, April 1, all Hamline University undergraduate classes will take place in remote learning environments (online) until the end of the spring term. More information will be distributed as it becomes available.


    Graduate and Online Degree Completion Program Updates 

    Graduate programs that currently are delivered in an online format are not affected by the changes announced on March 13. They are NOT halted between March 18 and April 1.

    The undergraduate Online Degree Completion Program is also not affected by the changes announced on March 13, 2020.

    General Updates 

    Enhanced cleaning procedures remain in place. Sanitized rooms will be sealed. Please contact Public Safety if you need access to a space. (Detailed information.) 

    Large group activities have been canceled or postponed in alignment with current health guidelines. Check here for the latest updates.

    The Offices of Undergraduate and Graduate Admission will suspend in-person prospective student visits. This includes all individual visits, group visits and tours that require visitors to interact with Hamline faculty, staff and student ambassadors in person.

  • Student and Parent FAQs Regarding COVID-19

    Am I safe?

    The Emergency Response Team is in close contact with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and is monitoring the situation around COVID-19. The University is following the latest guidelines and precautions.

    Hamline facilities management has increased the frequency of routine environmental cleaning.

    Key steps in preventing COVID-19 transmission include practicing social distancing by staying at least six feet apart from others and not gathering in groups of more than 10.

    Also, practicing thorough handwashing (20 seconds of washing), covering your cough and staying home when sick. Hamline has communicated with students, staff, and faculty about recommendations to stay home when they have a fever (100.4 F or greater) and to remain away from class, work, and other activities until they are fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications for at least three days.

    How can I stay safe? (UPDATED 3/25)

    To keep students as safe as possible, we request that they stay home if they are already there. If they are not at home, but have the ability to be home, we ask that they move home.

    If a student needs to remain in Hamline residential housing, request to do so no later than Friday, March 27 using the linked form

    For those who remain on campus, please continue to slow the spread of COVID-19 through the protective measures. Practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from others and do not gather in groups. Also practice good hygiene; cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands for 20 seconds, throw away tissues after use and above all, stay home if you are sick.

    What is the status of undergraduate instruction?

    On Wednesday, April 1, all Hamline University undergraduate classes will take place in remote learning environments (online) until the end of the spring term.

    What is the status of existing online instructional programs?

    Graduate programs that currently are delivered in an online format are not affected by the changes announced on March 13. They are NOT halted between March 18 and April 1.

    The undergraduate Online Degree Completion Program is also not affected by the changes announced on March 13, 2020.

    What resources can students access? (UPDATED 3/25)

    A select list of current services available to students can be found below. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

     Additional academic resources will be shared as remote classes resume/begin on April 1.

    1. The residence halls (on-campus housing) are not closed however, when the Governor ordered Minnesotans to stay home, students were asked to stay home or go home if possible. Those who needed to stay on campus were required to fill out the linked form.

    2. Dining services will remain open through the extended break and through the remainder of the semester. Hours will be adjusted as needed and posted in the dining room and sent through emails. Students can use existing meal plans; this means that swipes are still used in the dining room and they can use their DB for friends or in retail locations. Service is on a take-out basis only. For additional information, visit https://hamline.campusdish.com/en

    3. The food pantry is operating via an online pre-ordering system. Students are able to order their groceries ahead of time and pick a time to pick them up. The ordering form is at https://forms.gle/1RW4h2nSxfQsYQtd8. Pickup access will be through the dock entrance of Walker Fieldhouse on Taylor Avenue. Remember Taylor is a one-way street entrance from Snelling Avenue.

    4. The Dean of Students office continues to maintain financial resources available to students. Students should visit https://www.hamline.edu/offices/dean-of-students/student-resources.html if in need of emergency funds.

    5. Counseling and Health Services staff remain available for virtual appointments by calling 651-523-2204.

    6. Disability Resources remains open and available to assist students with their accommodations.

    7. Students are able to and encouraged to bring their rental books home as they continue to work on their Spring courses. Students who will not be returning or unable to come to the bookstore by the due date will be able to print out shipping labels at home. Instructions for this option will come out closer to the book return due date. Please don't hesitate to contact the bookstore if you have any questions or concerns.

    8. Title IX support and resources are here for you whether you are on or off campus. Please know you can call Patti Klein’s direct line at 651-523-2948. Public safety and community resources remain open such as SOS services at 651-266-1000.

    9. Spiritual resources and support are available with Chaplain Nancy Victorin-Vangerud (nvictorinvangerud01@hamline.edu), Rabbi Esther Adler (adler.esther@gmail.com) and Nur Mood (nmood01@hamline.edu). Feel free to email us to set up the best way to communicate by phone, online, in person or other alternatives. .

    10. Students working with the McVay Youth Partnership can contact Jane Krentz via email at jkrentz01@hamline.edu. Questions about the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration can be directed to Nancy Victorin-Vangerud at nvictorinvangerud01@hamline.edu. Any questions about Wesley Center communications can be directed to Rebecka Green at rgreen07@hamline.edu.

    11. While the Career Development Center's physical office will be closed, staff will still be available for phone/virtual 1:1 appointments. At this time, Handshake is the student’s best resource to find jobs/internships and make 1:1 virtual appointments with our office. Students can build a Handshake profile using their Hamline email and password. They can log in, click ‘Career Center,’ and then ‘Appointments’ to schedule an appointment. Questions should come to the Career Development Center’s office at workshop@hamline.edu or 651-523-5802. We will return calls/answer your questions as soon as possible during office hours (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

    How are Hamline’s food services handling preparations for COVID-19?

    As of March 19, the campus Subway is closed and the Starbucks in the Anderson Center is closed. The dining hall meals are to-go only and the new hours of operation are: Breakfast: 8 am-9 am; Lunch: 11 am-1 pm; Dinner 4 pm-6 pm.

    Aramark staff placed wipes on tables for the use of diners, exchanging salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders for inspection and cleaning, and mandate that staff wash their hands every fifteen minutes throughout their workdays.

    Additionally, all Hamline food services, retail outlets and performance areas are following enhanced cleaning procedures including use of faster-working chemicals and increased cleaning attention to “high-touch” areas including doors, handles and knobs and other areas.

    What if there is an outbreak on campus?

    If a student or employee at Hamline contracts a confirmed case of COVID-19, the university will take steps appropriate to the situation, up to and including temporary closure. Students and employees may be asked to leave campus by a designated time or not to come to campus. If there is a state-wide outbreak and the governor declares a state of emergency, the university campus may close as well. The university will reopen when it has been given the all-clear by the appropriate government agency.

    How can I prepare for a potential closure of the university campus?

    Your safety is the highest priority. Talk with your family about what to do if the university closes. Make a plan that includes transportation and back-up communication options. Possible considerations include: Will you need a ride home? How will you contact your family in an emergency? What will you do if cell phones are down?

    At the university, talk with your professors and advisors about what you need to do in case of a closure. If you need to access your email or other systems during a closure, check now to ensure that you can log-in to the system and have access to essential systems such as Web-ex, and Canvas.

    If you are unable to leave the university, contact Residential Life to make arrangements for your housing and/or transportation: 651-523-2061 and reslife@hamline.edu.

    International students will have access to housing on campus in designated areas. Key Hamline employees will remain on campus to attend to their needs.

    Learn more about preparation on the Minnesota Department of Health preparedness and prevention web page.

    How will I know if the Hamline campus closes or when it reopens?

    When the university closes and when it prepares to re-open, all students and employees will be contacted via their Hamline email and text alert (If you’ve not already done so sign up here now to receive a text alert). Twitter (@HamlineU) and Facebook (@Hamline) social media accounts will also post status updates, so please keep checking back.

    What is the status of university travel for staff, faculty and students?

    University travel overseas is prohibited until further notice unless approved by the employee’s President’s Staff representative. The present travel situation is changing rapidly; you should give consideration to whether your travel is critical. Secondarily, there is the potential for incurring extra expenses in the event of quarantine or isolation at your destination. University insurance provides no coverage for this type of event.

    What about personal travel?

    As with university travel, every member of the Hamline community is urged to carefully consider their personal travel. We urge you to consult the Centers for Disease Control, as Hamline does, for the latest advisories.

    What is the status of students studying abroad?

    Hamline is recalling all students traveling internationally.

    If you have questions please contact our Global Study Abroad office at gec@hamline.edu.

    Who do I contact with specific questions?

    Your academic dean (Dr. Marcela Kostihova, College of Liberal Arts (cladean@hamline.edu); Dr. Anne McCarthy, School of Business (hsb@hamline.edu), the Dean of Students and the Provost’s Office are your primary contacts.

  • Employee FAQs regarding COVID-19

    Employee FAQs (Updated March 27) 

    Instructional resources for faculty

    ITS Self Help Resources  (all service documentation including how-to’s, user guides, and video tutorials) 

    Note that a Hamline email address is required to access these documents.

    Recommended Precautions and Steps

    • If you have traveled to China, or any area where the virus has been reported, within the last 14 days, you have already been screened at your airport of entry. However, you should continue to self-monitor for the next 14 days. If you experience fever, cough or difficulty breathing, contact a medical professional immediately for instructions. Students on campus who experience any symptoms should contact Hamline Health Services at 651-523-2204. 

    • If you’ve been in contact with anyone who has contracted coronavirus, you should also self-monitor for the same period of time. These guidelines, which are generated by the CDC, apply no matter where you are -- in the United States or overseas.

    • Observe best practices -- wash hands frequently (for 20 seconds), cover coughs and sneezes, avoid contact with your eyes, nose and mouth and also with those who have been sick. Maintain six feet between yourself and others when out and about.

    • If you’re sick, stay home, except to receive medical care. Don’t run the risk of spreading illness. If you have a fever (100.4 F or greater), remain away from class, work, and other activities until you are fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications for at least 3 days.

    More information can be found at these websites:



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    Page rebuilt March 19, 2020

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    Page updated March 23, 2020 (Added information about the Piperfund; modified dining hours)

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    Page updated March 25, 2020 (Governor's stay home order; new dining hours; residence hall changes)

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    Page updated March 27, 2020 (Revised employee FAQ to reflect Governor's Executive Order to Stay Home)