• 2014–2015 Provost's Initiatives

    "Student Affairs in Today's Society,"  Alan Sickbert, Dean of Students and Lacey Squier, Coordinator of Student Activities 

    The proposal for this class was originally inspired by an awareness that several students on campus have an interest in attending graduate school/working in the field of higher education and student affairs. Additionally, the Student Affairs division had established as one of its goals the promotion of awareness of our field as a vocation. The focus of the course was intended to be vocational preparation for the field of student affairs. However, with the information we gathered in a pre-class assessment, and with the knowledge that the majority of our students were first-years and sophomores, we shifted the focus to more of an introduction to the vocation so that we could also teach student leadership and generally raise awareness of the support services and research/methodologies behind those support services on college campuses. Students who took the class agreed the class was beneficial to understanding student support services, the intentionality behind them, and a greater sense of accessibility to them. Many suggested the class be required for first years or sophomore students. They also reported appreciating the community building and experiential elements of the course. Lastly, students greatly appreciated our method of delivering mid-term reports. Halfway through the term, we provided each student with an update of their grades, and personalized notes from the instructors about how they were doing with coursework and in discussion, as well as suggestions for improvement.

    Suggested Next Steps:

    Possible next steps include, most simply, offering the class again, as well as opening the class to other ACTC students. We would also like to modify the syllabus and assignments to account for larger numbers of underclassmen as opposed to our original syllabus, which was geared towards upperclassmen. We are also planning to connect with Orientation and First Year Programs to discuss how was can help get students into student affairs offices sooner in their time on campus. Lastly, we are interested in creating a conference session proposal for ACPA 2016.