• 2014–2015 Provost's Initiatives

    "Internship Seminar," Professor Peggy Andrews,  School of Business  

    Course Description: 

      I used in the Provost’s Initiative Grant to revise my internship seminar course according to the following goals:

    Goal #1: Revise course Learning Objectives to ensure they are consistent with expectations for “P” experiences across the University and the LEAP Rubric.
    Goal #2: Review each of the course assignments in light of the Liberal Education As Practice rubric and ensuring that they are clearly guiding the students to focus on and experience ‘theory to practice’ throughout their internship experience.
    Goal #3: Prepare guidelines for how the course can be reconstructed as an asynchronous course so that Hamline can offer it in the summer for students who want to take their internship for credit and need an advisor as more and more faculty are finding that their aggressive schedules prohibit them from agreeing to advise independent internships during the summer.
    Goal #4: Prepare guidelines for future faculty who may instruct this course.


    •  Matrix of Internship Seminar Learning Objectives (Professor Andrews' Comments: This is a pedagogical tool that challenges the instructor to ensure that alignment of school goals, course goals and Hamline Plan Letter goals are reflected in the assignments students are asked to complete. Given that this tool is for a course that carries the “P” it is also a very useful tool for students because when they are filling out their LEAP form, they can quickly identify an assignment the will be completing as part of the course and how it will help them fulfill the artifacts required as part of the LEAP learning objectives.)
    •   Writing Liberal Education as Practice (LEAP) Learning Goals  (Professor Andrews' Comments: The Career Development Center (CDC) did not have a formal guide for students to use, so after numerous individual requests and conversations with students, I created this tool to help them figure out how to write goals for the LEAP form. CDC has a copy and now uses it to help students.)