• CTL Initiatives and Projects

    Learn more about current and former initiatives and projects led by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Hamline University. 

    CTL Faculty Spotlights

    Incredible teaching, research, and student learning experiences exist here at Hamline, but sometimes only our students are lucky enough to know it. The CTL is putting the “spotlight” on faculty members who are engaged in dynamic teaching, research, and student learning experiences. To learn more about your colleagues, visit the CTL Spotlight page.  

    If you would like to nominate yourself or another Hamline faculty member to be a CTL Faculty Spotlight, please contact the CTL at ctl@hamline.edu.

    Quality Matters (Online Course Reviews and Course Feedback)

    Hamline has a team of trained Quality Matters reviewers! Quality Matters reviews provide detailed, constructive feedback about improving the design of an online course according to the Quality Matters standards. For more information please visit the Quality Matters page or contact Nicole Nelson (CTL) at nnelson23@hamline.edu.

    Camp Design Online

    This self-paced course in Canvas was designed in response to COVID in the Summer of 2020. It is for anyone developing an online or hybrid course. Participants can work through the modules at their own pace based on their needs and interests. For more information view the Program Guide or if you would like to be enrolled in the Camp Design Online course, please contact the CTL at ctl@hamline.edu.

    Active Learning Classrooms

    Active learning classrooms are designed to be flexible and reconfigurable. Whether that be through technology or movable furniture or both, these spaces ultimately provide student-centered, collaborative and interactive learning experiences. Currently, Hamline has 6 classrooms that are designated as Active Learning Classrooms; Bush 301, West 240A, West Bridge, West 4 and 6, East 12. Instructors must request to teach in these rooms. For more information visit the Active Learning Classrooms Google Site. 

    CTL Fellow Briefs and Reports

    • Director of Academic Success Lisa Nordeen prepared a brief on the possibilities of e-portfolios to support student learning and development. Learn more.
    • Hamline Criminal Justice Faculty Member Gina Erickson prepared a report on undergraduate capstones at Hamline University. Learn more.    

    CTL Fellows

    The CTL has provided funding in past academic years to faculty and staff to develop capacity and resources related to teaching and learning at Hamline.  

    High-Impact Learning Practices

    A web resource providing an overview of high-impact learning practices. Learn more. 

    Last updated July 2021