Stay at Home Order in Effect

March 29, 2020

Governor Tim Walz has asked all Minnesotans to #StayHomeMN until Friday, April 10. Read the text of his executive order here.

For the latest information on Hamline's response, click here.

  •  HILP - Common Intellectual Experiences Wordcloud

    Common Intellectual Experiences

    Common Intellectual Experiences as a High-Impact Learning Practice (from AAC&U):

    "The older idea of a “core” curriculum has evolved into a variety of modern forms, such as a set of required common courses or a vertically organized general education program that includes advanced integrative studies and/or required participation in a learning community. These programs often combine broad themes—e.g., technology and society, global interdependence—with a variety of curricular and cocurricular options for students."

    Common Intellectual Experiences Resources:

    • "Common Book vs. Common Problem: the future of creating common experiences." The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 6, 2013.
    • "Teaching While Gay." The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 9, 2013.
    • "Common Reading, Common Ground." Inside Higher Ed, January 11, 2012. 

    Common Read Resources: