• Resume and Cover Letter Resources

    Resume and Reference List

    A resume is the first piece of information about you a potential employer will see. It’s crucial that it is prepared well. Meeting with a career counselor to review your resume is a great way to get specific feedback and tailor the document to the position you want.

    In addition to a resume, employers will typically ask you to submit a list of references when you apply to a position. The list should be comprised of people who know you well and can speak to your skills and abilities. Be sure to choose them wisely. 

    You may choose one of the resume templates below to download and begin working from.  Please tailor the documents to fit your needs.  Keep in mind, electronic or scannable resumes will need a plain text format to be easily read by scanning software. You can save your resume from a Word document to a "Plain Text (.txt)" file when submitting electronically.  Read the tips from QuintCareers.com to learn more. 

    Cover Letter and Thank You Note 

    You should always submit a cover letter when applying to a position. This serves as a way for you to describe the skills and experiences you have that an employer is looking for. A cover letter is your chance to describe the ways in which you are a great fit for the position.

    After an interview, always follow up with a thank you note to the interviewers. It shows that you are polite and appreciate the interviewers’ time and consideration.