• Piper Connect

    Information for Students

    Wouldn't it be great to ask specific questions about where your major can lead you or what it’s like to work in a particular career field from someone who actually knows the answer? With Piper Connect you can! We understand that for most undergraduates, one thing standing in the way between uncertainty and success is a lack of information.

    Piper Connect is a database comprised of Hamline alumni and employers who have agreed to be contacted by current students with questions or requests for informational interviews. Piper Connect provides an opportunity for you to connect with professionals about their educational and career experiences. We currently have over 600 members! 

    How Do I Utilize Piper Connect?

    Piper Connect is only available through Hamline Career Link. If you do not have a Hamline Career Link account, just register for one to gain access to the database. Once registered, you may begin contacting members. The short video below walks you through how to navigate the database, conduct searches and contact members. We also recommend reviewing the Networking and Informational Interviewing handout which provides information and tips on how to conduct an informational interview, as well as sample questions you can use when reaching out to members.

  • When Utilizing Piper Connect, I agree that I will:

    • Ask for advice and/or information regarding a particular field or industry, not ask for a job or internship.
    • Not ask a contact to mass distribute my resume.
    • Not share a networking contact’s information without permission.
    • Not spam a contact with multiple emails or stalk with multiple phone calls.
    • Follow-up with a brief thank-you letter after networking with an individual.