• Information for Faculty

    Due to concerns about COVID-19 and the Center for Disease Control's ongoing recommendation to limit gathering, the Career Development Center has made the difficult decision to postpone the Practice Interview Program until further notice.

    Steps to Participate

    1. Identify the class or classes where a practice interview would be most beneficial. Faculty will receive a handout on PIP to include in their class syllabus. In order to be eligible for the program, you must require your students to participate and have consequences in place should they fail to complete the assignment. 

    2. Decide which of your students will be required to participate and explain the program to them early in the semester. Non-traditional students should only be required to complete the experience if it will benefit their career development and/or their experience in the class. We ask that you provide our office with an accurate list of names and student ID numbers by the end of the day following the semester's add/drop deadline. We use this information to fine tune our interviewer recruitment and to communicate directly with the students.

    3. Incorporate the experience into your class assignments and develop consequences for students who fail to register or complete the experience. One participating class has completion of the practice interview and a follow-up writing activity count as 5% of the student’s grade. Failing to receive extra credit is not considered a consequence. 

    4. Remind your students of the registration deadlines and encourage them to sign up early during registration week for best selection of interview times. Remind them that they will need a resume and a description for a job, internship, or graduate program in order to register for an interview time.

    5. Accept interview evaluation forms as proof of students’ participation in PIP.