• Practice Interview Program

    Due to concerns about COVID-19 and the Center for Disease Control's ongoing recommendation to limit gathering, the Career Development Center has made the difficult decision to postpone the Practice Interview Program until further notice.

    The Practice Interview Program (PIP) began as a voluntary program in the Fall of 2003 with 57 students and has evolved into a required program that takes place twice a year and now serves 400-500 students annually. PIP is a unique collaboration between academic departments, alumni and employer volunteers, and the Career Development Center. The Practice Interview Program offers students the opportunity to develop and practice interviewing skills essential for success - whether it is finding an internship, conducting a job search, or applying to graduate school.

    How does it work?

    Faculty identify the class(es) in which a practice interview would be most beneficial and require those students to register. 

    Students who are required (by faculty) to participate sign up for a one hour practice interview slot, submit a resume, and select a job, internship or graduate school program description for which they would like to interview.

    *Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a Career Counselor to receive help building their resume before registration.

    Volunteers ask the student interview questions, assess their performance and provide both verbal and written feedback on the student’s performance and resume.

    Each interviewing session lasts approximately 50 minutes. During the first 20-30 minutes of the session, volunteers interview the student. The remainder of the session is spent on feedback. Students and volunteers are (whenever possible) matched by major and/or career field.


    Based on student evaluations, PIP is having a significant impact on improving students' interviewing skills, their sense of career and vocation, and appreciation of the skills they are developing in their major. Students are able to better articulate how their liberal arts education and skills will serve them in their chosen professional setting. PIP is also a wonderful way for students to connect with Hamline alumni and employers to begin building their professional network.